The unique nature of Ronchi’s products presents a major challenge for ongoing service and support. Historically, they shipped basic service information with the product in pdf form using USB keys—they did not have an online presence. The problem was that any print-based service or parts information became obsolete almost immediately. Any updates required a new shipment of the manual. As a further complication, the information was developed in a legacy desktop publishing system, which meant that any changes required adjustments to the template and page flows.

About the Company

Ronchi Mario SpA is a small company with a huge impact!

Founded in 1966 in Milan, Italy, Ronchi is a manufacturer of very large industrial packaging equipment for liquid, detergent, cosmetic, pharma, and food products.

Ronchi has a global service footprint — including UK, USA, South America, and China — supplying all the biggest multinational companies with sorting, orienting and filling/capping machineries. But all the design and manufacturing work is still centered in Milan, and is accomplished by a team of about 200 people!


  • Service information with the product in pdf form using USB keys
  • Print-based service or parts information becomes obsolete
  • Manual updates
  • Legacy desktop publishing system required adjustments to the template and page flows
  • Outdated (ineffective) page-based design with basic illustrations
  • No content management system; any reuse was copy and paste with no controls
  • No useable search capability
  • No spare parts strategy or parts lookup capability.
  • Manual (expensive) translation and localization processes

Project Goals

  • Distribute service information to their customers—and keep it up to date
  • Track and manage parts data for each unique machine, as well as make spares and replacements easier to identify and supply for the customers
  • Improve the development, effectiveness, and availability of operational and service information

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