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Augmented Reality (AR) Tools & Solutions

Quickly and easily create powerful AR-enabled instructions that empower frontline workers. Scale the expertise of your workforce today to effectively train and upskill your employees.

Increase employee productivity

Create step-by-step guidance to help your workforce be successful.

Improve safety and compliance

Help ensure procedures are being completed in compliance of safety regulations.

Boost throughput, reduce costs

Keep production running optimally with more effective digital training tactics.
Build immersive, 3D augmented reality experiences without programming expertise. Transform your existing CAD and IoT data into modern, in-context work instructions.

Improve worker safety and agility

Develop 3D augmented reality instructions to help employees stay compliant, productive, and satisfied.

Simplify complex instructions

Build intuitive inspection, assembly, and operating instructions while contextualizing IoT data for actionable insights.

Achieve enterprise scalability

Distribute AR content via a single-viewer application on your preferred devices.
Give your dispersed team members the remote assistance capabilities they need to see, understand, and act in real time. Bring your technicians and experts together to collaborate and solve problems—from anywhere.

Solve frontline problems

Include multiple experts in a single session to quickly, remotely, and effectively collaborate and solve problems.

Remote assistance augmented in the real world

On-screen markup stays where experts intend it, allowing technicians physical context as they move through procedures.

Safe, secure collaboration

Encrypted, end-to-end SaaS content ensures all audio, video, and imagery are only shared with the experts in the
Develop augmented reality experiences to transform the way you sell and market your products. Create robust, cross-platform AR apps that attach digital content to physical objects and environments.

The leading augmented reality software

See why more than 800,000 developers have chosen Vuforia Engine’s advanced computer vision and cross-platform reach.

Differentiate your brand and offerings

Connect people with products through interactive experiences, campaigns, and apps that simplify context and personalization options.

Achieve development flexibility

Target images, 3D objects, and environments to provide the ultimate flexibility and creative empowerment for developers.
Author, edit, publish, and scale step-by-step augmented reality work instructions for your organization’s most critical workflows.

Optimize critical workflows

Transform how you deliver critical information to employees with augmented, step-by-step work instructions.

Close the skills gaps

Streamline onboarding, cross-skilling, and upskilling to drive workforce efficiency.

Drive traceability and compliance

Empower your workforce with the most up-to-date process instructions—and ensure they’re followed correctly with organizational insights.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

This leading industrial IoT platform delivers tools and technologies that allow you to rapidly develop and deploy powerful IoT applications and AR experiences.
Internet of Things_Glexible Deployment

Flexible deployment

Remove barriers to IIoT implementation and take control of your IoT deployment options with hybrid, cloud, and on-premise flexibility.
Internet of Things_Eliminate pilot purgatory

Eliminate pilot purgatory

Scale IIoT solutions enterprise wide with pre-built applications and developer tools and support.
Internet of Things_ Put data in -actionable context

Put data in actionable context

Maximize visibility to your IoT data and enable teams to action with real-time analytics and custom dashboards.
Empower your manufacturing organization with the insights needed to make digital transformation a reality. ThingWorx provides real-time, closed-loop analysis on bottlenecks, root causes, and performance improvements.

Root-cause analysis

Access advanced analytics from connected data to uncover what’s slowing you down—so you can reach resolution faster.

Drive throughput, increase OEE

Support mission-critical performance metrics by understanding hidden issues that demand your focus.

Deliver business impact

Achieve double-digit impact for your business with continuous improvement that is repeatable and scalable.
Achieve IoT scalability across your systems, equipment, lines, and plants by breaking OT technology systems out of niche-protocols. Prevent unplanned downtime, access actionable machine data, and ensure equipment compliance with ThingWorx Kepware Server.

Enable IT-OT convergence

Break out of niche protocol silos for OT systems like MES, SCADA, PLCs, and CNCs to access valuable machine data

Unlock industrial connectivity

Connect IT and OT systems to transform your operations, prevent unplanned downtime, and ensure equipment compliance.

Scale innovation across sites

Connect equipment on the plant floor—including brownfield assets—to maximize uptime and visibility across multiple sites.
Transform your results by giving your team members unprecedented capabilities to see, understand, and act in real time.

Connected Work Cell

Streamline how information is delivered to your frontline workers by eliminating data silos and creating step-by-step work instructions.

Real-Time Production Performance Monitoring

Track OEE, mean time to repair, and other critical KPIs with top-down visibility into machine performance.

Asset Monitoring and Utilization

Remotely monitor equipment in real time, generate alerts on abnormal conditions, and monitor and analyze data trends.
Access the right data at the right time with factory-wide connectivity. Enable disparate industrial equipment and systems to speak the same language to provide real-time data to enterprise applications and IoT platforms.

Industrial connectivity

Collect, aggregate, and enable teams with secure access to real-time industrial data across your plants, lines, and processes.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) linking

Enable M2M linking, logic, and math functions with Advanced Tags for operational communications and analysis.

Data tunneling and security

Assign access and permissions based on user roles over secure firewall connections with the OPC UA Client driver.


Creo gives engineers the most innovative CAD, IoT, and augmented reality tools so they can build better products, faster. Explore our 3D CAD/CAM/CAE software solutions that enable stronger product design and development.

Accelerate product innovation

Enhancements in simulation and analysis, generative design, and additive manufacturing help improve product quality and accelerate iterations.

Improve design workflows

Increase design collaboration, automation, and workforce productivity by establishing a digital thread of continuous data.

Optimize designs to reduce costs

Enable your teams to design for value, manufacturability, and assembly, making your products cost less to engineer, produce, and operate.
Connect, collaborate, and create better products in the cloud. Onshape is the industry’s first pure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product development platform that unites robust computer-aided design with powerful data management, collaboration tools, and real-time analytics.

CAD and PLM in one place

Secure data management across the product lifecycle from the design phase onward with product data management and more.

Collaborate in real time

Onshape’s collaboration tools allow for secure sharing, access to complete edit history, simultaneous editing, and more.

Securely partner and integrate

Our secure cloud platform allows for instant provisioning, auditable change logs, and integrations with ERP, PLM, and more.
Create products using the direct modeling approach to 3D CAD. Creo Elements/Direct is a comprehensive system for mechanical engineers and designers to quickly and easily create one-off designs and repurpose existing designs to shorten time to market.

Direct modeling extensions

Tackle any design need with extensions for cabling, surfacing, finite element analysis, design share, and more.

Direct drafting extensions

Empower design teams with strong multi-CAD collaboration capabilities to seamlessly repurpose 2D designs from other CAD systems.

Integrate product data management

Enable your team to track their efforts and access the most up-to-date data on your products.


Windchill’s breakthrough PLM capabilities enable you to share product lifecycle data across the enterprise, contextualizing product data as it’s needed to increase innovation and bring products to market faster. Accelerate your team’s productivity with real-time data sharing, dynamic visualization, and advanced collaboration to improve product development and manufacturing.

Manage data at scale

Accelerate your enterprise digital transformation with a connected digital thread delivering real time data collaboration, systems integration and scalability.

Streamline upgrades

Eliminate manual errors and reduce downtime and user disruption with time-saving automation, improving quality and efficiency.

Securely partner within and beyond the enterprise

IP- and platform-based protections both on-premises or in the cloud allow you to achieve cross-discipline configuration management.
Windchill is now available as software as a service (SaaS). With 100% of the capabilities of Windchill on-premises manufacturers can now employ rapid adoption, built-in security, real-time collaboration, high scalability, and zero downtime upgrades. Get the industry’s leading PLM technology without the migration, costly deployment, and infrastructure overhead.

Pre-configured best-practices are instantly available

Eliminate up to 30% of work required for on-premises/private cloud systems

Eliminating customization accelerates enterprise velocity

On-premises PLM systems often have customizations that make upgrades very difficult & lengthen timelines

Frictionless expansion of PLM capabilities & group adoption

Rapidly make PLM available to additional product development functions and turn on advanced PLM capabilities within an integral cloud environment
The industry’s leading SaaS PLM platform provider, Arena enables PTC to deliver the complete PLM and QMS SaaS solution in the industry.

Ensure interoperability

Streamline the sourcing, design, and delivery of high-quality products by bringing mechanical, electrical, and software designs together.

Increase collaboration

Accelerate product launches by enabling continuous improvement processes and collaboration with internal teams, suppliers, and more.

Improve regulatory compliance

Reduce the risks of internal and external audits by supporting effective design controls and reviews to prioritize quality and safety.
This role-based app connects directly to your enterprise system to give stakeholders access to the most accurate product information.
Creo View is a simple but powerful viewer that lets users share 3D CAD information internally and with partners and suppliers outside the organization.
Go to market faster with a single platform for merchandising and line planning, materials management, sampling, and more.

PTC Mathcad

Achieve and accelerate complex engineering mathematics calculations that are easier to work with and easier to protect—so you can share them securely.

Achieve engineering excellence

Give your teams the power of comprehensive and intuitive calculations that are precise and accurate.

Live mathematical notations

Go above and beyond the results accuracy of spreadsheets with unparalleled units intelligence.

Advance where you left off

Integrate your existing spreadsheet data to reuse work on future design iterations—but with the added benefit of automatic unit conversions and intellectual property protection.
Calculations are at the heart of engineering. PTC Mathcad is math software that lets you perform, analyze, document, and share your calculations easily.

Prevent costly errors

Convert your units automatically and analyze results with interactive 2D and 3D plots.

Advanced math formatting

Present your calculations with graphs, text, plots, and images—all in one document.

Streamline efficiency

Empower your engineers to spend more time on what they do best: designing. We’ll take care of the math—and integrate directly into your Creo CAD models.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Develop better products faster by aligning hardware and software development processes. Codebeamer offers a complete lifecycle management solution with all-in-one requirements, risk, and test management capabilities.

Requirements management

Turn market insights into quality products faster than ever. Gain clarity and align all contributors to reduce costs and cycle times. Trace items and actions across delivery.

Software development

Cut complexity, and build quality into your software products. Guarantee smooth collaboration across hardware, software, and service innovation disciplines. Use mature processes, whether you’re working with Waterfall, Agile, Hybrid, or custom methods.

Quality assurance & testing

Integrate quality management in your development processes, and build confidence in your products. Trace and manage QA activities along the lifecycle, and accelerate product verification.

Service Lifecycle Management (SLM)

Empower teams in the field and maximize the asset lifecycle with a complete view of assets, all while running a more profitable service organization.

Optimize service operations

Manage the end-to-end field service process with best-in-class workflows and mobile tools to improve asset uptime and outperform customer expectations.

Leverage your assets

Generate new revenue streams, develop better products, and increase service efficiency with an ‘as-maintained’ system of record for all assets in the field.

Become an outcome-centric business

Transform to outcome-based or equipment-as-a-service business models with accurate and actionable asset and service data.
Empower your organization with the broadest and deepest set of service parts management capabilities. Servigistics helps deliver maximum equipment availability, uptime, and customer satisfaction.

Optimize your inventory

Ensure you have the right part, in the right place, at the right time to improve your first-time fix rate and eliminate return dispatches.

Balance cost and availability

Easily consider and manage all parts in all locations to make complex decisions with confidence.

Achieve accurate forecasting

Use IoT data, statistical algorithms, and more for the most accurate forecasting at every level of the supply chain.
Drive accuracy and clarity with technical illustration software. Create 3D technical illustrations, 2D drawings, and animated sequences at scale.

3D content—fast

Empower your illustrators to create rich, 3D technical illustrations, interactive animated sequences, and 2D drawings in record time.

Advanced product configurations

From hard copy to augmented reality, your foundation will be strong—with increased parts identification accuracy.

Effortlessly share and manage changes

Automatically update 3D illustrations when the CAD source file changes—and easily share across the enterprise.
End-to-end dynamic publishing solution which streamlines how organizations create, manage and publish technical information, on demand.

Improve structured authoring

Improve technical writer efficiency to produce high-quality content that can be filtered by task and equipment.

Improve first-time fix rate

Ensure content for field technicians is always up-to-date by eliminating disjointed content from the engineering data source.

Create, manage, and deliver

Digital thread intelligence ensures your technical publications and parts catalogue are managed and accurate.
Enable your organization to monitor assets and capture critical alerts in real-time. Start remotely monitoring, diagnosing, and resolving issues today.

Eliminate unplanned downtime

Continuously monitor key parameters in your connected equipment to detect problems before they have a chance to cause downtime.

Activate proactive maintenance

Act in real time by empowering your service managers and technicians to monitor connected equipment in the field.

Scalable, flexible, customizable

Jumpstart your service transformation and deliver faster time to value with this easy-to-deploy app built on the ThingWorx Industrial Innovation platform.
Gain a strategic view of product and service knowledge with best-in-class warranty management software.

Streamline warranty management

Master claims and returns management, supplier recovery, parts and order management, and more.

Automate warranty chain processes

Optimize product and warranty performance by standardizing warranty coverage and business rules with closed-loop feedback.

Timely, continual product improvement

Take feedback directly from the field to empower manufacturers with the usage data they need to advance product innovation.
PTC’s SKD solution enables creation of a comprehensive knowledge repository to help field service reps, contact center personnel, and even end-users easily diagnose product issues.

Improve service quality

Resolve your customers’ issues at the point of service with connected, interactive diagnostics.

Automate issue diagnostics

Enable remote diagnostics of smart, connected products with SKD’s intelligent knowledge base system.
1 - Mainstream Devices

Maximize service efficiency

Improve resolution time up to 75% while reducing service and warranty costs and improving equipment uptime.

More PTC Products

A specialized CAD/CAM software that is the ideal solution for shipbuilders and other discrete manufacturers.

Create large, complex assemblies

Leverage rule-based modeling to drive model parameters and enable parallel design activities for large engineering teams.

Empower design teams

Create, view, manipulate, and control a single master product model to streamline workflows and enhance engineering agility.

Extend CAD visualization

Give the enterprise visibility to increase collaboration beyond the authoring tool.
Access this program suite for engineers developing complex, mission-critical systems. Create native, embedded, or real-time applications and build graphical user interfaces.

ThingWorx Developer Portal

Access tutorials, guides, and more to empower your development team to rapidly build and implement applications that will solve your business challenges.

Vuforia Developer Portal

Find everything you need to start developing incredible augmented reality experiences today in Vuforia Engine.

Smart and efficient development tools

Speed construction of intensive native, embedded, and real-time mission-critical applications.
Access the leading change management solution for developers and IT managers. Streamline critical change management and development processes today.

Improve software quality and predictability

Utilize host-based and graphical user interfaces for supreme software configuration management and deployment.

Larger libraries, new languages

Simplify development and software change management so nothing stands in the way of what your developers do best.
PTC MOVE warehouse management system directs the flow of inventory and information across the entire distribution network.

Optimize warehouse management

Enhance flexibility and expandability with easy configuration and porting—all with fast UAT/QA verification and no downtime.

Reverse logistics

Earn a real-time return of your products at your facility with visual displays.

Streamline fulfillment processes

Maximize revenues and profit per order, reduce inventory carrying costs, and compress order-to-delivery cycles.
Single point interface to manage rating shipping, bundling, and close-out processes for Small Parcel and Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) carriers across the enterprise.

Manage rating, shipping, and bundling

Make the best shipping decisions for your business with a single-point interface to simplify the complexities.

Reduce costs and enhance tracking

Optimize shipping through rate shopping—an automated process to improve traceability and secure HTTP.

Master a single shipping system

Eliminate the need for multiple shipping systems, printers, and operating systems and manage the entire process from a single point within the enterprise.

Customer Case Studies with PTC Products

See how implementing PTC products and technology solutions has helped these companies to reduce operational costs, maximize revenue growth, and increase efficiency.


LEGO increased their brand recognition and user engagement by using PTC’s augmented reality solution to bridge the gap between their physical products and digital games.

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SoulArc Boards’ Skateboard Design gains competitive edge with Creo, breaking through cross-functional barriers while skating ahead of the competition.

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U.S. Navy

Learn how the Navy is using PTC’s PLM cloud model to support the digitization of NAVSEA.

Explore How

Volvo CE

Volvo CE replaced disconnected systems with a PLM-enabled digital thread to manage complexity and enable both concurrent design and manufacturing.

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Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation increased production output by 70% by using PTC augmented reality and IIoT solutions to leverage real-time equipment monitoring and analytics and empower their workforce with stronger training tools.

Rockwell Automation


Mercedes increased user engagement and sales efficiency by leveraging PTC’s augmented reality solution to create an intuitive AR user manual for select Mercedes vehicles.

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Boeing Global Services

Managing an inventory as diverse and sizeable as Boeing Global Services is no small task. Learn how Servigistics, an enterprise standard, delivers the highest service levels at the lowest cost.

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