Vuforia Engine: Market-leading augmented reality

Vuforia Engine offers the advanced technology needed for companies to differentiate the way they sell and market. Build engaging 3D product demonstrations, interactive brand campaigns, or create applications for customers to view and personalize products in their own homes. Augmented reality connects people to products through experiences that drive revenue and brand recognition.




Enable robust and precise AR experiences in a variety of environments with Vuforia Engine’s leading computer vision technology.



Create branded AR experiences for new or existing applications both natively and on leading development platforms.



Reach the largest possible audience with the widest range of supported AR devices, phones, and tablets across IOS, Android, and Windows 10.



Harness dynamic recognition that can target images, 3D objects, and environments to provide development flexibility.

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A more powerful way to engage

Leading global companies use Vuforia Engine to deliver engaging, cutting-edge AR experiences that bring people closer to brands and products.


INFINITI offered customers an innovative way to experience their new QX50 vehicle by using PTC’s augmented reality solution and partnering with agency Visionaires 777 to increase engagement and improve sales conversations.

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LEGO increased their brand recognition and user engagement by using PTC’s augmented reality solution to bridge the gap between their physical products and digital games.

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Stannah improved customer experience and satisfaction while accelerating sales cycles for a major purchase by using Vuforia Engine to create an augmented reality app to help customers visualize finished products.

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WB Motors worked with Visionaries 777 to increase customer engagement through PTC’s augmented reality solution by giving customers an interactive and customizable experience on their Lykan Hypersport vehicles.

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Vivino created the world’s most popular wine application with over 40 million users by leveraging PTC’s augmented reality solution to allow customers to scan wine labels for information, descriptions, and peer reviews, making wine purchasing simple.

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Ask Mercedes

Mercedes increased user engagement and sales efficiency by leveraging PTC’s augmented reality solution to create an intuitive AR user manual for select Mercedes vehicles.

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Augmented Blueware

Royal Delft teamed up with Twnkls to increase customer engagement and sales through the use of PTC’s augmented reality technology by allowing customers to create custom designs and view them through AR on blank table sets.

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