PTC Partner Network

Thousands of technologists joined PTC's premier annual event dedicated to digital transformation for the industrial enterprise. Learn how you can create enterprise value, empower greater work productivity, and make the world a better place through advanced technology.

Innovate. Collaborate. Capitalize.

Unlock the power to innovate with leading technologies, collaborate with the right partners and customers, and capitalize on the IoT market opportunity.

Technology providers, solution providers and global systems integrators join the PTC Partner Network to explore new business opportunities that are unlocked by the convergence of physical and digital worlds.

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Find a PTC partner

Explore our expansive network to find the right partner who will accelerate your design, development, implementation, and production time for your solutions.

The  PTC partner network:

  • Provides the leading technology, tools, and resources needed for partner success.
  • Invests in enabling and growing its partners for the benefit of our joint, global customer base.
  • Showcases innovative technologies and solutions to engage customers through marketing, sales and the PTC Marketplace.

Partners can choose one or more flexible engagement models to COMPLEMENT, SELL, SERVICE or OEM PTC’s leading technologies and solutions.