Vuforia Engine Pricing: The Right Plan to Build Your Vision

Vuforia Engine is the leading augmented reality software chosen by over one million developers worldwide. Find your plan below.

Vuforia Engine plans

All plans are on a per-company basis, meaning you can publish as many applications as you’d like under a single plan.


Basic Plan Free

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Premium Plan Contact for pricing

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Image Targets



Cylinder Targets

Ground Plane

*Cloud Services:

  • Up to 1000 images
  • Up to 1000 recos per month

*Not available in China

Model Targets

Area Targets

Barcode Scanner

Production Support

Enterprise Terms & Conditions

20 (prototyping use only)

500 included**

20 (prototyping use only)

500 included**

**Contact us to purchase additional target generations.

Cloud Add-ons


Cloud Plus

Cloud $99 per month*
  • Up to 100K images
  • Up to 10K recos per month.
Buy *Not available in China Cloud Plus Contact for pricing*
  • Up to 10M images
  • Up to 10M recos per month
  • Production support
Contact Us *Not available in China

Academic plan

The Vuforia Engine Academic Plan provides schools and universities with discounted pricing for our premium features. Learn more.

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Which plan should I purchase?

If you are looking to publish an application using Model Targets or Area Targets, you will need to purchase a Premium Plan. All other applications can use a Basic Plan. We currently do not have any special licenses for non-profits.

Where can I learn about the Vuforia features?

Vuforia Engine offers a wide range of augmented reality features. You can read more about each one here.

What are Area Targets?

Large spaces like factories and malls are challenging to build persistent AR applications for with the current technology available on the market. PTC created Vuforia Area Targets to solve this gap. Area Targets enable customers to use an entire space to create a persistent augmented reality experience through generating a 3D scan of the desired indoor environment.

What are Model Targets?

Model Targets enable customers to create a robust and precise AR experience on large objects. Unlike other tracking technology that uses scans of the physical object, Model Targets leverage 3D CAD to offer a more accurate experience. This technology is perfect for applications on large machinery, automobiles, or home appliances.

What devices are supported?

Vuforia Engine supports a wide range of IOS, Android and UWP devices. For a complete list click here.

Can I publish multiple applications with one plan?

Yes, you can publish as many applications as you’d like under the Basic Plan or Premium Plan, but each application will need its own unique license key.

What if none of the plans meet my needs?

To discuss plans with our team please fill out this form.

What are the Cloud and Cloud Plus add-ons?

Cloud and Cloud Plus can be added on to either a Basic or Premium Plan. These allow you to store image targets in our Vuforia cloud to be recognized by your application users. Depending on how many images you want to store, and how often you think your users will be accessing those images, will dictate which cloud plan works best for you.
Cloud plans can only be used with a Basic or Premium plan.

How much are Cloud overage fees?

If you have our Cloud add-on (10,000 recos are included) and your application has 10,500 recos in a month, then the invoice will show the following two charges:
Monthly Fee – Cloud Plan = $99
Overage Charges for 500 recos @$0.01/reco = $5.00

I have more questions.

For more FAQs around Vuforia Engine, please click here. If you’d like to speak with an AR expert about your question, please reach out through this form.