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Vuforia is a comprehensive, scalable enterprise AR platform. Our wide-ranging solution suite ensures that we can provide the right AR technology to every customer based on their business needs.

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Vuforia AR content creation tools address key use cases across the enterprise

Whether you’re seeking to address the skills gap, streamline manufacturing processes, improve training and service efficiency, or customize marketing and sales efforts—this short quiz will help you determine which Vuforia industrial augmented reality solution is the best fit for your use case.

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Vuforia provides the fastest, easiest and most advanced AR content development solutions to help industrial enterprise customers address workforce challenges and meet business goals

Forrester report: The Total Economic Impact of Vuforia

Forrester Consulting conducted a study of active PTC customers to understand the ROI of PTC's Vuforia AR offerings. This research explores multiple use cases and products and is a must-read if you're looking to quantify how Vuforia AR can generate business value.

You can also get a personalized view of the potential value of bringing Vuforia AR to your organization by using Forrester’s ROI estimator tool.

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With advanced computer vision, calibrated performance, and cross-platform reach, developers overwhelmingly turn to Vuforia Engine. Start developing today and see why it’s the most popular AR development software on the planet.

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