Augmented Reality Remote Assistance Transforms Service

Use industrial AR to improve service effectiveness and accelerate skill development—while elevating customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

Empower Your Service Teams with Augmented Remote Assistance

Bring your frontline employees and subject matter experts together with augmented reality solutions to resolve issues more effectively and efficiently on the floor and in the field.


Bring Your Employees Together With AR Solutions

As products become more complex and seasoned employees age out of the workforce, providing frontline employees with access to expertise on the job is critical. Industrial organizations are heeding the call and equipping field technicians and factory operators alike with augmented remote assistance, enabling them to engage with subject matter experts and resolve issues together in real time. Get the e-book to see how.

Upskill Service Technicians With AR Training

To ensure service technicians are trained and up to date on complex product portfolios, many organizations have begun supplementing traditional training with new innovative methods of onboarding and upskilling employees.

This video explores how an industrial leader, Atlas Copco, supplemented traditional training with augmented 3D visualizations of equipment and exploded depictions of components to provide technicians with a deeper understanding of their machines. By leveraging AR, their technicians were trained faster, retained more, and got personalized hands-on training without an instructor present.

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