Augmented Reality Remote Assistance Transforms Service

Use industrial AR to improve service effectiveness and accelerate skill development—while elevating customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

Aberdeen: Turning Service Challenges into Opportunities with AR


Service companies are facing an expertise shortage, triggered by retiring veterans and increasingly complex requirements. Traditional tactics for preserving expertise have diminishing returns. Aberdeen’s annual survey of the service industry has identified AR as a key area of investment. Download this white paper to discover how the Best-in-Class are distinguishing themselves, and the AR solutions that are getting the best results for service.

Report: best-in class leaders are using augmented reality remote assistance and other AR applications to drive service excellence.
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Howden Enhances Customer Experience With Vuforia and Microsoft HoloLens

Read how Howden, an industrial products manufacturer, created step-by-step mixed reality instructions with Vuforia Studio from their existing 3D machine models. Using both real-time and historic data from ThingWorx Industrial IoT platform data and Microsoft Azure, Howden's customers are empowered to own and maintain their equipment in the field.

Getting a Service Edge with AR


As a service leader, how can you harness AR for rapid—and lasting—value? Fortunately, AR-for-service use cases are easy to deploy. Discover the best use cases and preferred product features for executing a successful AR-for-service strategy.

Just imagine how productive a field engineer could be when they're able to see step-by-step examples of the maintenance activities that they need to perform.

– Steve Postma, Sysmex Enterprise Architect
Sysmex Case Study

Explore Vuforia: Proven Industrial AR

Vuforia Studio enables remote AR and AR service guidance for more effective customer support.

Vuforia Studio: Quickly build scalable AR experiences

Vuforia Studio enables efficient, cost-effective authoring of industrial AR without the need for in-depth programming.

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Vuforia Chalk is the marketing-leading augmented reality remote assistance application

Vuforia Chalk: AR remote assistance

Vuforia Chalk is a powerful remote guidance and collaboration app—helping experts and technicians solve problems more effectively.

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Vuforia Engine enables flexible, robust AR development to ensure service techs get an AR assist

Vuforia Expert Capture: Quickly capture and scale expertise

Vuforia Expert Capture is the fastest, easiest way to capture and share expert knowledge to help service technicians and customers improve efficiency.

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