E-book: Access Expertise On-the-Spot Using Augmented Reality Solutions

Discover how factory operators and field technicians are seamlessly resolving issues on the factory floor and in the field with AR—check out the manufacturing and service use cases.

Empower frontline employees with augmented remote assistance for easy and efficient on-the-job issue resolution.

Access to employee expertise is critical to maintaining productivity and efficiency as products become more complex and seasoned employees age out of the workforce. To combat lean resources, industrial organizations are equipping frontline employees with augmented reality (AR) solutions to solve day-to-day issues the right way, the first time.

With just a mobile, tablet, or headset device, augmented remote assistance enables field technicians or factory operators to engage with subject matter experts and resolve issues through:

  • A shared view of their work environment
  • Real-time expert guidance
  • Digital annotations that stick to physical objects

Get your copy of Accessing Expertise On-the-Spot Using Augmented Reality to explore manufacturing and service use cases that will bring your frontline workforce and experts together to effectively resolve problems.

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