Using Augmented Reality in Manufacturing to Improve Worker Skills

Use industrial AR to improve workforce productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction with real-time, step-by-step work instructions.

How AR can be harnessed to address manufacturing workforce challenges


With products and processes becoming more complex and SMEs retiring, workforce training is more important—and more difficult—than ever before. Fortunately, with augmented reality, you can take the pressure off your experts and close the skills gap by making valuable, up-to-date knowledge accessible across key stages of the employee lifecycle. Explore the infographic “Closing the Manufacturing Skills Gap with Augmented Reality” to learn how.

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The high cost of change has meant that discrete manufacturing as an industry has not always embraced cutting-edge technology, but that’s changing today as many manufacturers explore the use of augmented reality (AR) to address challenges around aging/retiring workforces, issues around attracting and retaining new talent, and the difficulty of training new hires on increasingly complex machines and processes.

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Real-Time Data

Close the skills gap and usher in industry 4.0 with AR and real-time data

Amid industry-wide skills gap issues and a changing work environment, manufacturing organizations are finding augmented reality to be critical for increasing operational efficiency and productivity, as well as enriching the overall employee experience. In this Aberdeen report, learn how AR can help narrow the skills and knowledge gap and ensure all employees have the tools they need to succeed.

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Improve maintenance procedures with guided, AR-enabled work instructions

Speed and accuracy of routine equipment maintenance is crucial to minimizing scheduled downtime and maintaining costly machines and equipment on the factory floor. Inefficiency and errors can lead to prolonged downtime that impacts production schedules and throughput.

With augmented reality you can improve the execution of critical maintenance procedures. Watch this video to discover how AR-enabled work instructions give frontline employees access to consistent and accurate instructions on demand and in context.