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PTC WebShip, your small parcel & Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) software solution

PTC WebShip is a web-enabled solution that manages all aspect of the shipping process for small parcel and less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers.

Providing a single point interface to manage Rating, Shipping, Bundling, and Close Out processes across the enterprise, helping you make the best shipping decisions for your business. The application optimizes shipping through rate shopping, an automated manifesting process, that reduces cost and enhances tracking and traceability. PTC WebShip provides a flexible API interface that integrates seamlessly with third party systems allowing you to decrease costs and have more control, visibility, and flexibility.


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PTC’s Vision for Warehouse Management

Learn more about what is new with PTC, our commitment to warehouse management, MOVE 11.0 features, and our vision.

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What’s new in PTC’s WebShip Manifesting Solution

WebShip is the manifesting solution for Parcel Carrier and is in compliance with FedEx Version 18.X.

PTC WebShip v8.3 release

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Benefits of WebShip

  • Manage multiple facilities from one server/instance with flexible carrier selection

  • Eliminate unnecessary third-party software and hardware

  • Reduce manual processes and transportation costs

  • Manage the shipping process for all carriers from a single point for all shippers within the enterprise

  • Eliminate the need for multiple shipping systems, printers, operating systems, and support personnel

  • Configurable business rules allow carrier selection based on order priority, customer, and other user defined criteria

  • Allow users to compare rates to a specific destination by carrier, service level, special services, and discount structure across all shipping models

  • Dual rating – automatically calculate a separate freight cost to bill your customer in order to take advantage of negotiated rates

  • Configurable business rules allow carrier selection based on order priority, customer, and other user defined criteria

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Latest Release Notes

PTC WebShip 8.3 November 2019

PTC WebShip 8.2 March 2017

PTC WebShip Data Sheet
Automates the traditional “manifest” processes in the warehouse.

PTC MOVE – Warehouse Management System
Directs the flow of inventory and information across the entire distribution network by automating the entire order lifecycle

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