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Gain a Strategic View of Product and Service Knowledge with Best-in-Class Warranty Management Software

Effectively managing the warranty chain can have a positive impact on service revenue, profitability and overall customer value. Yet, lack of visibility into a product’s performance and service outcomes can make managing warranties and contracts unpredictable. Without insight into product failures, costs associated with defective parts, on-shelf service parts availability, recurring field technician dispatches due to poor product quality, and other issues, it’s hard to know what is compromising your margins and customer satisfaction the most.

Today’s manual, disconnected warranty processes causes:

Analyst Perspective - Strategies for Growth Analyst Take: State of Warranty Chain Management (WCM) for 2018 – and Beyond!

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Warranty Management Approach

Our approach defines and manages warranty processes in a product context, allowing you to capture and analyze product and warranty data across the install base. This complete performance and service history enables continuous improvements for service planning, engineering and quality.

An essential component of service planning, service parts management, adds a layer of forecasting ability, as well as leaning out and optimizing service parts inventory across service locations.

Warranty and service contract chain automation defines, manages and analyzes all warranty processes from initial product registration through the end of the standard or extended warranty period. PTC’s unique approach to warranty analytics and service lifecycle management leverages a product-centric data model to manage warranty information and capture service history in the context of the product itself — allowing this important data to provide feedback to the enterprise for continuous product and service improvement.