Service Knowledge and Diagnostics - PTC SKD

Improve service quality, up-time and customer satisfaction by resolving your customer’s issues at the point-of-service

Accelerate issue resolution with connected interactive diagnostics

Service businesses are plagued by ineffective and uncoordinated issue diagnostics, resulting in unnecessary technician dispatches or parts returns and a high rate of “no fault found". The PTC Service Knowledge and Diagnostics solution features connected interactive diagnostics that automates issue diagnostics and enables remote diagnostics of smart, connected products (SCP) with an intelligent knowledge base system.

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PTC SKD business update webinar

Get updated with PTC company news and learn more about Service Knowledge and Diagnostics (SKD)’s exciting new releases and vision for the future.

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PTC SKD automotive case study

Using PTC Service Knowledge and Diagnostics to improve service delivery in the automotive industry.

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Benefits of using PTC Service Knowledge and Diagnostics

Increased service call and dispatch avoidance by 20+ percent.

Reduced diagnostic steps per call by 40 percent.

Improved resolution time by 20-75 percent.

Reduced service and warranty costs.

Enabled real-time sharing of new solutions

Improved equipment up-time.