PTC Warranty and ServiceMax Join Forces

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Growing a profitable service business requires building multiple flexible and sophisticated warranty and extended warranty programs. The result is often costly manual processes or missed service revenue opportunities.

Year after year, PTC Warranty has been recognized by IDC MarketScape as a leader in Warranty and Service Contract Management. Proven for best-in-class for warranty claims, contract management and supplier recovery, it has the flexibility to take on your most complex set of warranty offerings and give your entire enterprise visibility and analytics to address quality issues with your products.

Now coupled with ServiceMax, the award-winning field service management solution, PTC is extending the value of warranty process and data to remote customer support teams and onsite field service engineers to support improved customer experience, product quality, and service operations.

A powerful duo: PTC Warranty and ServiceMax

By combining PTC Warranty and ServiceMax, we deliver a best-in-class solution for service and warranty management, covering the entire service value chain from product design to service delivery.


With Warranty and ServiceMax together, manufacturers are able to:

  • Effectively manage claims for OEMs
  • Reduce returns and increase product quality
  • Transform into a high profit, revenue growth generating service
  • Improve customers experience and return on investment

Address the biggest challenges in warranty management

According to IDC Manufacturing Insights, manufacturers spend up to 7% of product revenue on warranty claims annually—not an insignificant amount. PTC Warranty manages all aspects of the warranty service lifecycle, from the first call to customer service team all the way until products are repaired or returned and you have been fully reimbursed from your supplier.

PTC helps manufacturers address the biggest challenges in warranty management including:

  • High warranty costs and lower service revenue due to inefficient warranty processes
  • Low warranty reimbursements recovered from suppliers
  • Inefficient product return processes causing delays in returns
  • Need to track manufacturer & OEM service status of recall campaigns from start to finish
  • Inadequate inspection processes result in poor product quality and high warranty costs
  • Delays in ordering of parts and lack o visibility of orders requires manual processing and tracking
  • Erroneous claims being submitted & unnecessary repairs processed due to lack of systemic rules to validate correct part claims
  • Warranty integration with the parts catalog to eliminate manual entry of claim forms

When you're ready to leverage the newest remote monitoring, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, PTC is right there with you with integrated Warranty functionality with IoT dashboards and analytics in our innovative service optimization suite. Click here to learn more about what makes PTC Warranty the best warranty solution in the market.

Solving Your Warranty Challenges

Read why the IDC Marketscape Report named PTC Warranty the best solution available Read the Report
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