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Service Optimization Solutions

Improve first-time fix rates, reduce truck rolls, and maximize customer satisfaction. Transform your entire service chain and surpass your competitors.

Transform Your Service Model and Your Workforce

PTC’s service optimization solution provides the perfect mix of technologies to reduce the cost of service and help accelerate the productivity and efficiency of service technicians.

With advanced analytics and real-time visibility into the health of your products, you will know exactly what is wrong, why it went wrong, and ensure your technician has the right parts and procedures to fix the problem—sometimes before it happens. And, with remote software content management you can minimize how often technicians even need to be dispatched, keeping costs down and reducing the number of technicians necessary to service your assets.

But, when you do need to train new technicians, augmented reality helps with onboarding and continuous on-the-job training. From 3D, step-by-step instructions to over-the-shoulder guidance and expert knowledge capture—you can ensure your workers have the information they need to fix things the first time, every time.

Drive Measurable Value

See how Service Optimization is addressing high-profile challenges across the service chain.

Customer Satisfaction

Exceed customer expectations—With increased visibility into asset health, you can minimize customer downtime and always meet or exceed your repair timelines.

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Cost of Service

Save money and move from reactive to proactive service. With a real-time picture of asset health, your technicians will be able to identify the exact issue—decreasing truck rolls and improving first-time fix rates.

Speed of Service Delivery

Equip your technicians for success—With IoT and AR, technicians know exactly what's wrong and exactly how to fix it—decreasing the mean-time-to-repair.

Competitive Differentiation

Set your service team apart—By maximizing asset uptime and improving the overall customer experience, you can foster deeper loyalty for your company and create new revenue opportunities.

Unlock Value Through Service

Make the switch to predictive service. Tap into your connected product data and quickly realize significant value from individual service interactions.

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Service Optimization: When Equipment Uptime and Safety are Mission Critical


De Beers’ mining operations span the globe; when operating in locations like the arctic circle, equipment uptime is crucial. With severe temperatures and remote, inhospitable locations, De Beers needs to know that their equipment and facilities will remain online. Watch how Caterpillar is using PTC’s Service Optimization solution to intelligently predict and prevent downtime—before it happens.

Improve service with remote condition monitoring


Stay connected with your assets in the field so you can identify and address issues before they lead to unnecessary downtime for your customers. Read this buyer's guide to see how you can solve problems before they happen by leveraging real-time IoT data and predictive analytics.

ThingWorx Industrial IoT Platform

Implement and scale service-optimizing solutions with out-of-the-box applications and a robust industrial IoT platform.

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Strategic Partnership in Service Optimization: Microsoft


Together, PTC and Microsoft are helping customers innovate groundbreaking new service models. Service organizations accelerate their time to value when PTC’s Service Optimization solutions are joined with the power of leading Microsoft technologies.

Azure Cloud, Azure IoT, Dynamics 365 Connected Field Service and HoloLens 2 all have strategic touch-points with PTC technology, unlocking the full value of Service Optimization and other key solutions.