What is field service optimization?

PTC’s innovative service optimization suite includes applications of CAD (computer-aided design), PLM (product lifecycle management), IIoT (industrial internet of things), AR (augmented reality), and SPM (service parts management) digital technologies. This combination transforms all aspects of service, and with purpose-built capabilities, delivers faster time to value, lower total cost of system ownership, increased service effectiveness, and growth of aftermarket revenue.

This unique portfolio connects products in the field to the entire value chain, driving new aftermarket business, and informing engineering and operations of the performance of products deployed to the field.

Top challenges in the field service industry

Today, field service departments face many challenges, including increasingly difficult service level agreement terms including extended uptime and faster responses. Factoring in increasing worker shortages and inconsistent technician experience levels makes daily life even more difficult.

Watch the video on how PTC’s service technology portfolio drives service transformation—including up to 60% faster time-to-value. When delivered via a “value ready deployment” (VRD), this portfolio can achieve up to 40% lower total cost of system ownership. And as a follow up, read Gatepoint’s Pulse Report on the latest trends in service optimization.

Three ways to optimize field operations

By optimizing field service operations, organizations can both maximize customer uptime and satisfaction while lowering service costs. How can they achieve this? Speed response and minimize dispatches through remote condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and remote service capabilities. Increase first-time fix rates and minimize return visits with better call planning and remote diagnostics. Reduce on-site technician time with AR-enhanced work instructions.



Maximize customer uptime

With real-time data, service levels and financial performance are improved. Time-based maintenance becomes condition-based maintenance and predictive maintenance programs can detect issues before they become real problems and allow resolution at optimal schedules and cost.


Minimize technician dispatches

Increase first-time-fix-rates by understanding issue root-causes in advance, so technicians arrive with needed parts, documentation, work instructions, and training.


Maximize service revenue

Service revenues can be maximized in several ways: Commonly, organizations can increase the efficiency and the speed of their service models to this end. More recently, new service business models are being adopted with the benefit of increased profitability and revenues..

Gain access to powerful information by combining IoT and AR

In a recent research analysis by the Service Council™, service providers indicated that first-time fix rate and workforce resolution were their top metrics. Find out how IoT and AR work better together to achieve these goals.

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Speaking of Service Podcast

Tune in to our Speaking of Service podcast where expert guests bring their outside view of the IIoT and discuss various aspects of service. Hear from customers and analysts on service trends, the growing need for remote service, remote condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and more.


Transform your service model and your workforce

PTC’s service optimization solution provides the perfect mix of technologies to reduce the cost of service and help accelerate the productivity and efficiency of service technicians.

With advanced analytics and real-time visibility into the health of your products, you will know exactly what is wrong, why it went wrong, and ensure your technician has the right parts and procedures to fix the problem—sometimes before it happens. And, with remote software content management you can minimize how often technicians even need to be dispatched, keeping costs down and reducing the number of technicians necessary to service your assets.

But, when you do need to train new technicians, augmented reality helps with onboarding and continuous on-the-job training. From 3D, step-by-step instructions to over-the-shoulder guidance and expert knowledge capture—you can ensure your workers have the information they need to fix things the first time, every time.


 Optimize field operations and increase profitability

Successful equipment suppliers take the first step in IIoT by connecting and monitoring their products with the option to expand beyond remote condition monitoring. At the same time, service organizations are encouraged to examine the improvements that can be made with AR. Both technologies offer significant benefits, providing proven ROIs via cost savings, improved service and support, and higher margins. Dive deeper to learn where to start quickly with a proven initiative, build knowledge and skills, and plan the next initiatives and beyond based on early success and intelligence.

Remote condition monitoring
 Augmented reality for service
Enable predictive maintenance
Minimize truck rolls
Explore new business models
 Deliver product as a service
Increase uptime and reduce technician dispatches to improve first-time fix rates and customer satisfaction.
Improve service effectiveness and accelerate skill development with AR capabilities while also elevating customer satisfaction and reducing costs.
 Discover how predictive maintenance can dramatically cut unplanned downtime.
Lower the costs associated with service by reducing truck rolls and improving first-time fix rates.
 Give your customers new reasons to buy from you. Introduce new products, optimize existing offerings, and adopt new business models that address emerging market needs.
 Your smart, connected products are rich in revenue potential. Attract new customers by shifting value from the physical product to its usage and benefits.

Field Service Optimization case studies


Strama-MPS improved OEE through real-time performance monitoring and production line adjustments. Their key to success was to reduce service costs and customer downtime through remote monitoring and diagnostics. Dive into their story and learn how.

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Celli Group transforms the food and beverage industry with predictive maintenance and their overall digital transformation strategy. Find out how they reduced equipment failures by 13% to prevent lost revenue.

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Bell and Howell

Discover how Bell and Howell was able to successfully complete 71% of service calls remotely and simultaneously achieved a first-time-fix rate of 92%.

Bell and Howell


Follow the Elekta example and reduce costs via remote monitoring and service delivery. At Elekta 20% of service issues are resolved remotely without dispatching a technician.

Read About Elekta


Find out how Zeiss improved first-time-fix-rate by 7% in 13 months and had 85% of customers connect their devices for improved service.

More on Zeiss Microscopy


Hear how Flowserve avoided a $16 million cavitation problem and reduced unplanned maintenance costs and emergency work orders.

Listen to the Flowserve story

BID Group

Discover how BID Group improved customer satisfaction and preference by digitally transforming both their own and their customers’ sawmill equipment and in doing so improved service efficiency and reduced travel and service costs.

Read the BID Group story

Sani-Matic Cleans up With Data

Discover how Sani-Matic is enabling customers to automatically collect, record, and analyze cleaning data—helping them meet regulatory standards and improve the efficiency of the cleaning process.

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PTC products to optimize field service operations

Discover ThingWorx

 Implement and scale service-optimizing solutions with out-of-the-box applications and a robust industrial IoT platform.

Vuforia Expert Capture

 See how augmented reality can help you transfer knowledge and expertise from skilled service workers to new hires.

Vuforia Chalk

 See how Chalk helps service teams collaborate at any time, from anywhere, to solve problems.

Want to know more about the ThingWorx industrial IoT platform?

Our expert ThingWorx team will guide your next steps.

PTC can help your business transform its service organization. Drive new levels of customer satisfaction and service profitability with new business and service models. Discuss with our ThingWorx experts on how to successfully implement and scale service-optimizing solutions with out-of-the-box applications and a robust industrial IoT platform.

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