Achieve Peak Asset Availability and Utilization with Servigistics

Servigistics revolutionizes service supply chain optimization with purpose-built industrial AI innovations.

Servigistics revolutionizes service supply chain optimization with purpose-built industrial AI innovations. Leveraging decades of advanced algorithm innovation with the incredible potential of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced data science delivers unprecedented levels of insight and automation within supply chain operations at the lowest possible cost.

Benefits of Servigistics

Optimize the service supply chain

Servigistics is on the innovative cutting edge of service supply chain optimization.

Industrial AI innovation

Gain a significant advantage with purpose-built, AI-powered optimization capabilities tailored for the service supply chain.

Multi-echelon optimization

Go beyond single-echelon planning techniques with industry-exclusive multi-echelon optimization (MEO) algorithms, strengthened by purpose-built artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) and advanced data science to deliver exponential results.

Stochastic digital twin

The power to simulate and predict model uncertainties, disruptions, and complexities to optimize your supply chain's performance under various real-world conditions.

Third-party validation

Independent third-party arbiters prove that Servigistics delivers the greatest value with tens of millions—or up to hundreds of millions of dollars/euros—of greater value than any other vendor.

Autonomous planning

Achieve autonomous planning with a self-healing system capable of high-order math, simulation computation, and modeling made easy through user-friendly interfaces and workflows.

Delight your customers

Servigistics applies next-generation industrial AI to optimize the service supply chain. That means high service parts availability at the lowest cost with the ability to fine-tune the system to meet strategic objectives. With Servigistics’ AI-powered optimization algorithms, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) increase their service levels with 30% less inventory.

A leader in manufacturing service parts management

Aftermarket service organizations should consider PTC when searching for a technology partner that has a depth of capability, resources, and domain knowledge in service parts planning. PTC has a proven track record of innovation and technological advancement in support of service parts planning and broader capabilities within the service lifecycle. Through organic and inorganic growth, PTC has helped its customers optimize the service parts planning function to meet the needs of an ever more complex service environment.

Source: " IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Service Parts Planning Applications 2023-2024 Vendor Assessment," By: Aly Pinder, December 2023, IDC # US49989323

IDC MarketScape vendor analysis model is designed to provide an overview of the competitive fitness of ICT suppliers in a given market. The research methodology utilizes a rigorous scoring methodology based on both qualitative and quantitative criteria that results in a single graphical illustration of each vendor’s position within a given market. The Capabilities score measures vendor product, go-to-market, and business execution in the short term. The Strategy score measures the alignment of vendor strategies with customer requirements in a 3-5-year timeframe. Vendor market share is represented by the size of the icons.

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Industry-specific success

Federal aerospace and defense

Servigistics’ powerful capabilities enable aerospace and defense (A&D) OEMs to deliver performance-based logistics (PBLs) contracts with readiness-based sparing (RBS) tuned to maximize warfighter readiness and accommodate budget constraints.

Heavy equipment and industrial products

Servigistics’ powerful capabilities enable heavy equipment and industrial product OEMs to achieve peak equipment uptime and availability with a service supply chain tuned to maximize customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and repeat purchases.

Medical devices

Maximize equipment availability and utilization so OEMs can deliver life-saving treatments, tests, and scans, delighting patients with high service levels and enabling profitable value-added services.

Electronics and high-tech

Servigistics’ powerful capabilities enable high-tech OEMs to achieve high equipment uptime and availability, help meet customer agreements, and introduce profitable value-added services.

Automotive and transportation

Servigistics’ powerful capabilities enable automotive OEMs to maximize equipment uptime with peak service parts availability, optimizing every echelon of the service supply chain from the OEM’s central warehouse through dealers and technician van stock.

Case studies

Servigistics delivers proven results. Read examples of OEMs achieving operational excellence.

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Boeing Global Services

Managing an inventory as diverse and sizeable as Boeing Global Services is no small task. Learn how Servigistics, an enterprise standard, delivers the highest service levels at the lowest cost. Read Their Story


Metso reduced their service parts inventory by 41.6 million Euro by using Servigistics to optimize their service supply chain and maximize equipment uptime with minimum inventory costs. Read Their Story

Qantas Airlines

Qantas Airlines maximized aircraft availability and minimized expensive aircraft on ground scenarios by using Servigistics to achieve a 94% service parts availability. Read Their Story

Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney optimized 20 MRO locations, improved their service parts fill rate by 10%, and lowered overall inventory by 10% using Servigistics to achieve consistency in their service parts planning. Read Their Story

HiKOKI Power Tools

HiKOKI Power Tools reduced inventory by 34% and dead stock by 65% by using Servigistics to improve the health of their service supply chain and equipment availability. Read Their Story

General Motors

General Motors improved their aftermarket profitability and created a more competitive, agile team by using Servigistics to optimize service parts pricing. Read Their Story


Embraer saved more than $50 million and increased profits by $26 million by using Servigistics to optimize their service parts supply chain. Read Their Story

Service supply chain advancements in the US Air Force

With Servigistics, the US Air Force (USAF) manages the most complex service supply chain in the world, with more than 5,000 aircraft and 650,000 items and supports weapon systems in 1,500 locations across their global theatre of operations.

Servigistics’ advanced data science and cutting-edge capabilities enable USAF to:

  • Improve demand forecast accuracy
  • Reduce planning workload
  • Implement comprehensive supply planning with supportability
  • Achieve near real-time supply chain metrics
  • Improve logistics cost estimation
  • Optimize aircraft availability by location

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Meet our experts

Servigistics is trusted by more clients than any other service parts optimization solution. The experience of our principal thought leaders spans every vertical, capability, best practice and innovation.

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Explore 39 years of past performance with purpose-built innovations that make up the undisputed industry leading service parts optimization solution.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Servigistics the industry-leading service parts optimization solution?

Yes. Through ~$1B in strategic acquisitions, PTC has aggregated the most robust solutions (Xelus, MCA Solutions, Servigistics), merging them into a superset of functionality. There is independent third-party validation confirming Servigistics’ superior breadth and depth of capabilities, noting the absence of robust functionalities in other vendors, including multi-echelon optimization and multi-part optimization, complex substitution logic, advanced order planning logic, Last Time Buy, performance analytics and intelligence, and mature AI/ML-powered algorithms. Source: Blumberg State of the Art Service Parts Management Benchmark Report. IDC MarketScape. Gartner Addendum. Servigistics subject matter expertise is frequently cited by industry analysts as a unique strength. There are more Servigistics clients than all other point solutions vendors combined, and clients experience far greater value. Many Servigistics clients experience hundreds of millions of dollars in savings, double-digit KPI improvements, and triple-digit ROI within three to 12 months. They are empowered to transform their service business into a revenue driver that offers profitable outcome-based service contracts and PBLs contracts.

Can ERP systems deliver similar results to Servigistics?

No. ERP vendors often suggest that manufacturing and standard supply chain functionality can be used for service parts. However, this comes with substantial trade-offs and is quickly disproven through a proof-of-concept engagement that exposes ERP as a nonviable option. Service has unique requirements, such as complex substitution logic, return and repair capabilities, and Last Time Buy requirements. Only a system designed for service can meet these requirements. ERP vendors, including SAP and Oracle, have attempted many times to introduce service-specific solutions for parts management without success. Many Servigistics clients already own SAP or Oracle, and due to gaps in functionality, they select Servigistics to solve their service supply chain challenges and maximize value. Documented examples include Airbus, Boeing, Bobcat Doosan, BOBST, Daikin, FedEx, HPE, Honeywell, Hitachi Vantara, JetBlue, John Deere, Komatsu, Kone, Kubota, Lam Research, Lexmark, Lockheed Martin, Metso, Philips Healthcare, Pratt & Whitney, Roche, Rolls Royce, Solar Turbines, Southwest Airlines, US Coast Guard, US Air Force, Volkswagen of America, Xerox, and many more.

What is the average ROI for Servigistics deployment?

Servigistics’ average ROI range is 100-900% with a time to value between three to 12 months from go-live. The Value Projection Services team works with customers to justify the financial benefits of the solution. This includes but is not limited to ROI analysis. Our methodology and tools have been refined based on decades of work by CPAs and other internal subject matter experts, with strong knowledge of the service business and the Servigistics solution. We have performed work in this area with hundreds of customers and prospective customers both before and after solution implementation.

Does Servigistics require customization for industry-specific use?

No, Servigistics is sufficiently adaptable to deliver results across diverse industries without customization, despite the wide variance in application use. Servigistics is successfully used by the leading OEMs in many industries, including commercial aerospace, defense, automotive, oil & gas, electronics and high tech, medical devices, consumer goods, heavy equipment, and industrial products.

What experience and expertise do Servigistics leaders have?

Servigistics’ leadership is unmatched in the industry, as noted by relevant observers and analysts. The team members possess the largest mindshare of service supply chain expertise in the world, including service parts management expertise in vertical, geographic, functional nuances, and best practices. The general manager, Leslie Paulson, has a 29-year career with Caterpillar, where she managed executive service programs. Leslie’s leadership team has more than 2,000 combined years of dedicated expertise, including Dr. Vipul Agrawal, Steven Caldwell, Ed Wodarski, Chad Ross, Vinod Arekar, Lee Smith, Vivek Dube, Tracy Hartwell, Kathy Krolik, Dr. Sanjay Jagdale, and their teams. Based on demand and customer requirements, we also pull in the expertise of our ecosystem of experts and partners.

Can Servigistics support PBLs?

Yes. Servigistics can support and model PBLs and service-level agreement (SLA) processes from inception through sustainment through retirement.