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Servigistics is the undisputed leader with the industry’s broadest, deepest and most robust service parts optimization capabilities.

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What does Servigistics do? Optimize your inventory to ensure you have the right part in the right place at the right time for the right price. In today’s smart, connected world customers demand so much more from the products they own, operate or use. They want outcomes and experiences and when service is required, only the best service experience will suffice. It is more important than ever to optimize your service supply chain. Delight your customers more profitably with Servigistics!

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Undisputed Leadership


Blumberg Advisory Group's Spare Parts Management Software State of the Art Benchmark Report has been published with Servigistics ranked as an Expert. "Servigistics offers the broadest, deepest, and most configurable array of Service Parts Management (SPM) functionality available in the market."

Case Studies

Servigistics empowers organizations to increase asset uptime and service parts availability while sustaining a thriving service business. See how these real-world results are helping our customers today.

Boeing Global Services

Managing an inventory as diverse and sizeable as Boeing Global Services is no small task. Learn how Servigistics, an enterprise standard, delivers the highest service levels at the lowest cost.

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Metso reduced their service parts inventory by 41.6 million Euro by using Servigistics to optimize their service supply chain and maximize equipment uptime with minimum inventory costs.

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Qantas Airlines

Qantas Airlines maximized aircraft availability and minimized expensive aircraft on ground scenarios by using Servigistics to achieve a 94% service parts availability.

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Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney optimized 20 MRO locations, improved their service parts fill rate by 10%, and lowered overall inventory by 10% using Servigistics to achieve consistency in their service parts planning.

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HiKOKI Power Tools

HiKOKI Power Tools reduced inventory by 34% and dead stock by 65% by using Servigistics to improve the health of their service supply chain and equipment availability.

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General Motors

General Motors improved their aftermarket profitability and created a more competitive, agile team by using Servigistics to optimize service parts pricing.

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Embraer saved more than $50 million and increased profits by $26 million by using Servigistics to optimize their service parts supply chain.

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Service supply chain advancements in the US Air Force


With Servigistics, the US Air Force manages the most complex service supply chain in the world with more than 5,000 aircraft and 650,000 items and supports weapon systems in 1,500 locations across their global theatre of operations.

Servigistics’ advanced data science and cutting-edge capabilities enable USAF to:

  • improve demand forecast accuracy
  • reduce planning workload
  • implement comprehensive supply planning with supportability
  • achieve near real-time supply chain metrics
  • improve logistics cost estimation
  • optimize aircraft availability by location


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Explore 39 years of past performance with purpose-built innovations that make up the undisputed industry leading service parts optimization solution.

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