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Deliver rapid product innovation, build strong global supply chains, and excel at customer service for maximized revenue, lower operational costs, and better efficiency.

The possibilities of digital transformation


Digital transformation lets the electronics and high-tech industry meet current challenges and develop new business models along the entire value chain.

“Current difficulties, such as bottlenecks in the supply chains or a lack of employees, and important future issues, such as decarbonization, sustainability, and circular economy, are driving companies forward and require individual solutions,” says Dr. Tobias Fürtjes, Market Business Development Manager at PTC.

We’re ready to shape the digital future—are you?


Drive measurable value

As digital transformation continues to accelerate, many companies find themselves with initiatives that stall or fail to prove value. PTC’s unique approach to digital transformation helps companies avoid pilot purgatory by identifying the most impactful problems, applying proven solutions, and then scaling results across the enterprise. The result is double-digit financial impact. 

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Maximize revenue growth

Meet customer expectations and expand into new markets with solutions to help you enable new business models, expand service offerings, offer mass-customized products, and reduce lead time. Maximize Revenue

Reduce costs

Improve profitability and gain a competitive advantage with solutions that help lower the cost of goods sold, optimize service execution, and reduce warranty costs. Reduce Costs

Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency across the value chain, from asset efficiency in the factory, service efficiency for assets in the field, and engineering productivity. Increase Efficiency

PTC’s solutions are helping leading electronic high-tech companies get ahead of the competition

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Hill Helicopters

Creo and Windchill together gave the helicopter startup all the capabilities and data management tools they needed.

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LACROIX Electronics

LACROIX Electronics improved OEE, efficiency, and quality with real-time visibility in manufacturing with industrial IoT solutions.

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Lenovo drove innovation by enabling its globally-dispersed teams to manage the product development process digitally.

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iQor reduced costs and saved more than $1 million annually by equipping service technicians with a connected service knowledge place and diagnostics platform powered by Industrial IoT solutions.

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Hitachi reduced service parts supply chain overhead by 20% while delivering next-level customer satisfaction and retention with service parts management solutions.

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Fujitsu shortened design cycle times and reduced prototype spins by improving ECAD-MCAD collaboration, helping teams work more effectively and see the impact of changes before they’re proposed.

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Technology innovations for electronics and high-tech

Application lifecycle management

Accelerate software development and drive innovation through cross-functional collaboration.

Augmented reality

Transform how data and actionable insights are provided to frontline workers, allowing your team to be more productive without compromising safety.

Computer aided design

Increase efficiency, reduce design time and prototyping costs, and reimagine how you design, develop, and document innovative products.

Industrial connectivity

Access the OT data you need to power your digital transformation initiatives with standardized industrial connectivity.

Industrial IoT

Enable new business models, increase manufacturing efficiency and productivity, and drive customer satisfaction and efficiency in service departments.

Product lifecycle management

Reduce time to market, increase productivity, and reduce costs with solutions for digital thread and digital twin.

Service lifecycle management

Deliver customer outcomes with the effective management of all service touch points across the product lifecycle with service execution, service parts optimization, and dynamic service information.

Electronics and high-tech news and resources

Uniting Quality and PLM in Electronics and High-Tech

This analyst report explores how the digital thread, with a foundation of PLM, can be leveraged to improve quality management in this innovative but supply chain-dependent environment.


Versatility and Innovation: iRobot’s PLM Approach to Product Development

With the help of Windchill PLM, iRobot tackles component shortages, introduces new variants, and drives efficient product development.


Enabling the Agile Factory: A New Continuous Improvement Paradigm

With rising costs, supply chain uncertainty, an aging workforce, and increased volatility in demand, among other challenges, manufacturers are turning to intelligent cloud and edge solutions to increase the agility of their factory operations.