Achieve digital supply chain agility

Buyers must sift through multiple lists, BOMs, and a wealth of information to understand customer requirements in order to procure the right materials and parts for manufacturing products. Strategic sourcing teams must know the dependencies and scope of work in a fast-changing technology environment—which is often unpredictable, given geopolitical, regulatory, and economy shifts. How do you optimize for cost and manage through disruption with agility?

The key is to provide a seamless flow of real-time, accurate information between engineering, manufacturing, sourcing, and supply chain partners, enabling these teams to work concurrently. The result? Higher-quality products get to market faster at a lowest cost.

Drive digital supply chain excellence with PLM PLM supply chain solutions enable enterprise stakeholders to work concurrently with strategic partners, collaborate, and address issues before production begins, resulting in time and expense savings with a higher quality product.

With PLM solutions, suppliers can contribute to the design itself, helping to engineer for cost and readiness. Lead times can be reduced by pairing information in AML (Approved Manufacturer List) with data from ERP so available supplier components can be identified. Reviews, approvals, and authorizations are completed with a traceable and auditable history down to the component level, for maximum reuse.
PLM capabilities for the digital supply chain

PLM provides the digital thread foundation for manufacturers looking to optimize supply chain operations with strategic partners.

Securely collaborate across the value chain by managing IP protection through access control rules, security tracking, and authentication mechanisms. Explore Now
Secure supplier collaboration where design data is shared and deliverables are tracked to multiple projects around the globe, including the automation of NPI, change, and quality processes. Explore Now
Manage and execute complex product development with powerful project and design collaboration tools that enable secure, real-time access to product data. Explore Now
Make dynamic, fast-paced, and coordinated changes throughout the product lifecycle to ensure all stakeholders are accessing the most up-to-date product information. Explore Now
View, markup, interact with and collaborate on all forms of digital product data. Explore Now
Use role, task-based and custom apps for expert and non-expert users to provide contextualized information in a simple user interface. Explore Now
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