Digital Thread: Unlocking Data’s Potential for the Enterprise

Learn how digital thread is building connections and delivering value across products, processes, people, and places.

What is the digital thread?

A digital thread creates a closed loop between digital and physical worlds to optimize products, people, processes, and places. With the technologies available today, a holistic digital thread spans the entire product lifecycle that takes place within a company and extends outward to suppliers, customers, and products and people in the field.

What are the benefits of digital thread?



Improve quality, reduce rework, and expedite new product development and time-to-market.



Drive process effectiveness with greater insight into assets, throughput, and worker productivity.



Enable (and uncover) new business models and opportunities that impact top-line revenue.



Improve technician effectiveness and reduce asset downtime.



Enrich the customer experience with new ways to engage and drive customer loyalty.

digital-thread-whitepaper digital-thread-whitepaper

The State of Digital Thread: How Companies Are Closing the Loop Between Digital and Physical

Our exclusive research report, which includes a survey of industry leaders, explores the trends and market influences propelling enterprises toward digital thread adoption.

More than that, this whitepaper discusses the technologies available to implement, specific applications and value drivers, as well as real-world companies achieving quantifiable results.


Capitalize on Your Data’s Value with a Digital Thread

With more data than ever before, many businesses are struggling with effectively using that data for digital transformation. Watch this webinar replay, presented in partnership between MIT SMR Connections, Accenture, and PTC, to dive deeper into the holistic digital thread solution that’s helping businesses unlock the true value of data. The discussion features digital thread experts, Catherine Knicker of PTC and Raghav Narsalay of Accenture, and highlights new research on building a foundation for digital transformation success.

A PLM-enabled framework for discrete manufacturers


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PLM for IT

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PLM for engineering

PLM for engineering

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PLM for manufacturing

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PLM for quality

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