3 Examples of Digital Thread in the Enterprise

Written By: Kelly McNelis
  • 9/14/2020
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Have you ever wondered what makes a company a leader in its industry? Why some companies emerge as leaders against their competitors? There are many answers to this question, but one increasingly prevalent answer is that companies are leveraging relevant digital technologies to work smarter, reduce costs, drive innovation, and more.

Finding ways to combine different technologies to yield more powerful results and business value is at the crux of digital transformation. One of the ways enterprises are achieving significant value is through the implementation of something you might have heard of before: the digital thread.

What is digital thread? It’s a technology concept that enables a single source of data truth across the enterprise that creates consistency, collaboration, and alignment across functions through real-time data synchronization of related upstream and downstream derivative information.

In this post, we will take a look at three market-leading enterprises and how they implemented a digital thread to solve business challenges, all while making them stand out against their competitors.

Digital Thread for Product Differentiation: Groupe Beneteau

With over 10 brands and 200 boat design models, Groupe Beneteau needed a better way meet increased consumer demands for customization within a reasonable timeline.

Building a digital thread anchored with product lifecycle management (PLM) that democratized product data across its brands and models increased visibility within multiple functions. This allowed Beneteau to accelerate product manufacturing and improve design collaboration, all while meeting the consumer interest in customization.

Beneteau’s digital thread paid off. Beneteau is able to efficiently create customized products and further enhance customer relationships and satisfaction through IoT-enabled factories. With their digital thread, Beneteau has the ability to leverage additional technologies, like augmented reality, that can further enrich the brand experience in the future.

Digital Thread for Process Efficiency: Carlsberg

World-renowned brewer Carlsberg was looking to optimize its manufacturing processes across its production sites, floors, and machinery. The global company needed to find an effective way to access information that resided within their critical manufacturing execution systems. These systems were widely dispersed across Carlsberg’s 100 locations making it difficult to access information.

With a digital thread strategy in hand, Carlsberg integrated IIoT into their legacy systems to drill down into the factory floor and connect with interrelated factories.

Carlsberg can now access key performance indicators at the global factory and production-line levels. Since enabling digital thread practices, Carlsberg was able to upgrade their services to its 150 geographical markets.

Digital Thread for People Productivity: Mercedes-Benz

In order to continue leading the market, luxury automotive OEM Mercedes-Benz is always looking to improve its connection to the consumer. Their goal was to enhance the customer’s digital experience through augmented reality, while relying on a digital thread.


Mercedes-Benz created ‘Ask Mercedes,’ a self-service and augmented reality application between the consumer and the vehicle. Through the application, consumers can view engineering information for product education that is digitally overlaid on the car’s dashboard. Ask Mercedes relies on a digital thread to bring and display relevant design and engineering data.

By having ‘Ask Mercedes,’ drivers are able to intuitively learn about the vehicle and its features. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz can utilize the data from the application to understand customer needs and future product iterations.

Final Thoughts

Digital thread is a powerful concept that can be implemented in different ways and ultimately drive impact across the enterprise. With each of these examples, digital thread was implemented to solve a different challenge and made a significant business impact.

To learn more about digital thread – and see more real-world examples, read our whitepaper: 


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