Innovator Spotlight: Groupe Beneteau

Driving mass personalization with the digital thread.

Finding paradise for boaters worldwide

Groupe Beneteau encourages its customers to configure the boat of their dreams. To offer personalization at scale, they needed a digital transformation solution to connect internal teams, design partners, and suppliers. By using product lifecycle management (PLM) to create and orchestrate a digital thread, Beneteau is creating operational efficiencies and improving employee retention while building a foundation to launch augmented reality (AR) and IIoT use cases. The result? A better purchasing experience for customers with more features and options, higher product quality, and less downtime.

Achieving digital transformation through technology innovation

In these topical videos, explore how Groupe Beneteau is sailing past the competition when it comes to product and service differentiation, engineering excellence, and operational efficiency.

    Demo: Groupe Beneteau’s digital transformation roadmap

    In this demonstration, you will get a preview of Groupe Beneteau’s digital transformation implementation plan. The roadmap begins with foundational PLM capabilities, such as BOM management and change management, and extends into the factory with concurrent engineering and manufacturing associativity while leveraging AR functionality for shop floor operators and dealership scenarios.