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The automotive industry must overcome major transformations. First, replacing the traditional ICE (internal combustion engine) with EV and second, moving from mainly mechanical centric products to products which are defined by software.

OEMs and suppliers must become more agile, think more in terms of software development cycles, and build flexible IT architectures. At the same time, it is important to break down data silos and network systems intelligently in order to be able to react as quickly as possible to changing market and legal conditions and to achieve a sustainable, consistent, and repeatable high process quality. With our broad portfolio of solutions, PTC supports OEMs and suppliers in tackling these tasks. We are ready to actively shape the digital future with you. Are you too?

Automotive embedded end to end and software development with Codebeamer

Integrate complex value streams and a stakeholder ecosystem into automotive technology development. Use Codebeamer to coordinate mechanical, electronic, and software innovations. Reduce cycle times and maintain focus on QA requirements across the entire automotive value stream. Combine model-based engineering with agile system-of-systems development processes.


Drive measurable value

Automotive companies have been at the forefront of digital transformation as they race to deliver and define the future of mobility. Success hinges on being able to deliver next-generation vehicles that meet customer expectations ahead of the competition and profitably.

PTC’s approach to digital transformation helps automotive companies identify and address their biggest obstacles, apply proven automotive industry solutions, and scale success to unlock double-digit financial impact across revenue, costs, and efficiency.

How can PTC help you?

Maximize revenue growth

Accelerate new product introductions with solutions that tackle product complexity with improved change and configuration management and unleash the speed of innovation with generative design and AI, while opening new revenue streams for parts and service offerings. Maximize Revenue

Reduce costs

Advance lean manufacturing initiatives to reduce manufacturing costs with digital manufacturing solutions. Improve quality, service execution, and service supply chain visibility to reduce service and warranty costs with engineering and service excellence solutions. Reduce Costs

Increase asset efficiency

Increase asset efficiency with solutions that enable real-time visibility into performance. Maximize engineering productivity with solutions that enable better cross-functional collaboration. Improve sales effectiveness with augmented reality solutions that streamline sales. Improve service execution with dynamic service information and optimized service parts management. Increase Efficiency

Digital modeling, simulation, and production of physical objects


The PTC customer CUPRA is the high-performance motorsport subsidiary of the Spanish automobile manufacturer SEAT. CUPRA uses PTC Creo to model, simulate, and produce its racing cars. Learn more about how your business can begin digital transformation.

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Real-world automotive industry results

PTC’s solutions are helping leading automotive companies to get ahead of the competition.

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Tofaş experienced a great increase in efficiency, safety, savings, and energy optimization using ThingWorx and DVM.

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Toyota improved collaboration and communication across teams to drive safety with augmented reality remote expert assistance solutions.

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Brembo lowers costs by reducing scrap and overall downtime with improved visibility into production performance with industrial IoT solutions for digital manufacturing.

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CUPRA optimizes vehicle component design and manufacturing with PTC Creo.

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Learn how Veoneer is using Codebeamer to improve automotive safety.

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Volvo Group Tackles Product Complexity with Platform Architectures in Windchill

Volvo Group discusses how they have leveraged Windchill to help them tackle industry challenges with a modular approach to product development.

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General Motors

Servigistics transforms General Motors' service parts pricing strategy, optimizing profits, and maximizing customer satisfaction and business outcomes.

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Automotive industry technologies

Application lifecycle management

Stay on the cutting edge of automotive software while maintaining rigorous requirements and reducing time to market.

Augmented reality

Improve productivity, lower costs, and enhance safety with augmented reality work instructions, training, and real-time insights.

Computer aided design

Reduce prototyping costs with solutions to design and develop products with parametric modeling, generative design, and simulation and analysis.

Industrial connectivity

Accelerate digital transformation with standardized industrial connectivity that adheres to USCAR53 best practices.

Industrial IoT

Drive lean manufacturing principles with real-time insights and visibility into people, products, assets, and performance.

Product lifecycle management

Conquer product complexity with solutions that help to define master product data, enable data governance, and improve visualization.

Service lifecycle management

Grow your after-sales service business and maximize customer uptime.