Augmented Reality in Automotive

Boost operational efficiency in the factory and elevate customer experience and satisfaction

Take the wheel with industrial augmented reality

As global competition grows and workforces shrink, the automotive and light truck industry faces immense challenges. The need for more efficient manufacturing, inspection, and service is critical for successful market penetration.

Augmented reality (AR) is transforming the automotive, rail, and mobility sectors. By harnessing the power of AR, organizations are increasing worker productivity, manufacturing higher quality products, and transforming service. Vuforia AR solutions from PTC enable businesses to capitalize on the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. Unleash the power of AR innovation to deliver the transportation solutions of the future to your customers.

Increase service efficiency with AR component locator

Utilize 3D X-ray visualization and guided step-by-step service instructions to empower frontline workers and service technicians to easily identify, locate, and repair parts.

Traditional paper-based and digital 2D manuals can leave you vulnerable to inefficiencies and quality issues. Read this e-book to discover how augmented reality can deliver fast and accurate part localization in cars and vehicles, helping your service technicians to improve service quality, increase workforce efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Improve quality control with AI-enabled end-of-line inspection

From completing quality checks to documenting inspection results, manual methods slow down end-of-line inspections. Accelerate quality checks and limit the risk of human error with augmented end-of-line inspections.

Read this e-book to learn why leading automotive OEMs are using augmented reality to upgrade end-of-line inspections, improve efficiency, and boost accuracy.

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Improve automotive customer service with augmented reality

Automotive manufacturers are faced with having to meet sky-high customer expectations while adapting to the ever-changing demands of the workforce. Watch this edition of Analyst Insights as John Carroll from Service Council and JJ Lechleiter, General Manager of PTC's Vuforia, discuss how augmented reality is empowering manufacturers to tackle the complexities of modern automotive technology - and streamline workforce efficiency - with visual work instructions.

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