Augmented Reality in Automotive

Boost operational efficiency in the factory and elevate customer experience and satisfaction

Take the Wheel With Industrial Augmented Reality

As global competition grows, and workforces shrink, the automotive and light truck industry faces immense challenges. The need for more efficient manufacturing, inspection and service process is critical for successful market penetration.

Augmented reality is transforming the automotive, rail, and mobility sectors. By harnessing the power of AR, organizations are increasing worker productivity, manufacturing higher quality products, and transforming service. Vuforia augmented reality solutions from PTC enable businesses to capitalize on the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. Unleash the power of AR innovation to deliver the transportation solutions of the future to your customers.




Augmented Reality in Automotive Augmented Reality in Automotive

AR Innovates Lykan Automotive Sales

Visionaries 777 worked with W Motors to create an interactive, real-time augmented reality experience for design visualization of their Lykan HyperSport. See how this application improves customer satisfaction and streamlines sales.

Augmented-Reality-For-Manufacturing1920x1080 Augmented-Reality-For-Manufacturing1920x1080

AR in Manufacturing: ARC White Paper

Many industries are seeing experts leave and new technicians join the workforce. ARC has found that many manufacturers are turning to augmented reality (AR) for faster, more effective onboarding of new workers. Find out how AR could benefit the production of vehicles in this free white paper.