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Imagine, design, create, and innovate your products better with Creo, 3D CAD/CAM/CAE software, and solutions for product design and development.

What is Creo?

Creo is the 3D CAD solution that helps you accelerate product innovation so you can build better products faster. Easy-to-learn Creo seamlessly takes you from the earliest phases of product design to manufacturing and beyond.

You can combine powerful, proven functionality with new technologies such as generative design, augmented reality, real-time simulation, additive manufacturing. and the IoT to iterate faster, reduce costs, and improve product quality. The world of product development moves quickly, and only Creo delivers the transformative tools you need to build competitive advantage and gain market share.

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New in Creo 9

Creo enables the latest in design

Creo delivers on a commitment to continuous CAD improvement and features powerful new technologies designed for the ever-evolving world of product design.

Generative Design
Ansys Powered Simulation
Additive Manufacturing

Generative Design

Creo introduces breakthrough capabilities in the area of AI-driven Generative Design. Unleash digital transformation across the enterprise, with benefits from sales through engineering into manufacturing and service. The new Generative Topology Optimization extension (GTO) and cloud-based Generative Design extension (GDX) allow you to develop higher-quality, lower-cost designs that perform better in the real world. GTO helps you optimize designs for a specific material and manufacturing process, based on your requirements and constraints. And GDX allows you to simultaneously develop numerous design studies with a variety of materials and processes. Both work seamlessly within the Creo design environment, to enhance productivity. Deliver your best designs in less time with Creo Generative Design.

Ansys Powered Simulation

The PTC Ansys partnership first revolutionized simulation-driven design with Creo Simulation Live. It provided designers with the means to incorporate simulation early in the design process by utilizing real-time structural, modal, thermal and fluid flow analysis to iterate on and modify their designs. Now, this partnership brings you, Creo Ansys Simulation; a high-fidelity, high accuracy simulation tool with Ansys solvers embedded into Creo. Creo Ansys Simulation is designed specifically for engineers to analyze the performance of 3D prototypes before committing to real-world production. Creo Ansys Simulation comes fully featured and leverages Ansys ’capabilities for thermal, structural and modal analyses, allowing engineers to make informed decisions as they refine their design.

Additive Manufacturing

Creo closes the gap between 3D CAD and Additive Manufacturing.  With Creo you can design, optimize, validate and run a print-check all in one environment, reducing the overall process time, tedium and mistakes.  You can leverage lattices in your design to reduce weight, and you can print in polymers and in metal. When you’re ready, define the print tray and send the file straight to your desired 3D printer.  No need to switch between software packages, as these capabilities are all deeply integrated into Creo.

Creo Capabilities Creo Capabilities

Creo capabilities

PTC’s developers created Creo Parametric as a sound foundation software that allows its users the ability to expand deeper functionality with each component. As your products become more complex in their engineering, Creo offers expanded capabilities to meet your requirements. Explore Creo’s capabilities that mold to your unique craft.

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