What do I get in the latest Creo?

Great design engineers need great tools and the latest Creo is truly best in class. Learn about the improvements we have introduced to boost your daily CAD performance. Now is the time to update to today’s Creo. Extend your competitive edge with the latest technology, capabilities, and ease-of-use enhancements.

New Functionality

New Technology

Ease of Use

New Functionality

Your team deserves the best that Creo has to offer. PTC invests heavily in Creo improvements each year to bring you the tools you need. Today’s Creo has new CAD capabilities to increase your productivity and competitiveness.

New Technology

Access real-time simulation tools to optimize your designs. Quickly add 3D annotations for model-based definition. Turn designs into reality with Creo’s 3D print and additive manufacturing capabilities. Enjoy unmatched ease when working with cabling, fasteners and sheet metal. Share files and designs more easily than ever before, with Creo improved data exchange and AR Design Share.

Ease of Use

Great design engineers know how to get things done. Today’s Creo includes enhancements that make it easier and faster to bring your designs to life.

  • Mini-toolbars and in-context menus
  • Mirror and pattern-recognition
  • Model tree search and management, with Show and Hide options

“Why I am telling my clients to upgrade to Creo 7.0. Now.”

CAD consultant Tom McGuire shares why he is telling his clients to upgrade to Creo 7.0. Core modeling enhancements, model-based definition (MBD), and multi-body capabilities convinced him that “Creo 7.0 is the most exciting release of PTC design software to be released in years.”

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Time to Upgrade

Additional resources on Creo capabilities

Why should I upgrade to the latest Creo?

Real-time simulation. Additive manufacturing. Model-based definition. A few years ago, these were more fiction than fact. Now these are important tools in your engineering toolbox. With today’s Creo, you can leverage these capabilities and you can do it entirely within the Creo design environment. These tools are all within your grasp in today’s Creo. In the near future, you will be reaching for generative design, IoT, and augmented reality, and PTC is already bringing these capabilities to you. With Creo, you have a partner to help you be prepared for tomorrow’s needs.

Your subscription or support agreement entitles you to these enhancements at no additional costs; Isn’t it time to upgrade?

New CAD Technologies

Additional resources on new Creo technology

Access tomorrow’s CAD technology in today’s Creo. PTC keeps you prepared to leverage the latest in CAD tools. Maintain your competitive edge with developing CAD technologies.

Upgrade to the latest Creo

How do I upgrade to the latest Creo?

Upgrading an established system may seem daunting. However, our Customer Success team has the expertise to support you with your next upgrade project. We’ve gathered everything you need to plan, set-up, and deploy your upgrade. The resources include technical documentation, training courses, and PTC services for upgrading to Creo 7, as well as previous versions. Ready to get started?

Explore the Guide

Expert training from PTC University

With the multitude of new functionality being added to each new version of Creo along with optimized usability and the reduced mouse-travel and clicks that come with it, you may ask, "What's the learning curve?" Don’t worry, we have plenty of training options available serving the different learning styles of our customers.

Contact PTC University

You can even view our Creo Curriculum Guide to learn more about self-paced, virtual instructor-led, and classroom training. Subjects include Creo fundamentals, special topics, certifications, and updates.

View Creo Curriculum Guide

Consulting and upgrade services

Especially larger organizations where Creo is embedded in a variety of processes, customers appreciate guidance in planning and project-managing the upgrade. Our experienced consultants provide strategic guidance, planning tools, and communication aids to secure alignment and buy-in across all levels in your organization resulting in quick adoption of the new features and technologies.

Support services that fit your needs

Being a subscriber to Creo or being active on support means you have all the knowledge and expertise of our global support services engineers. We also provide a set of optional services designed specifically for individual projects, expanded support coverage, and on-demand or continued access to expertise so you get the help you need when you need it.

Explore support services packages

PTC Support packages give you access to a comprehensive support experience that, on top of regular software enhancements, includes web-based technical assistance, software usage help, as well as assisted technical support from a team of specialists, certified in ISO Quality processes.

Support Services Overview

Weekend support for upgrade and migration

In this service, a PTC support engineer will understand your IT environment, project plan, and scope of the potential support assistance needed by your organization before the weekend activities start. By proactively scheduling Upgrade & Migration Weekend Support, a directly accessible PTC support engineer is assigned to you and your team to provide you with a higher level of support over the weekend. Use Upgrade & Migration Weekend Support when performing a system upgrade, data migration, or other weekend activities.