Creo Upgrade Resource Center

Get today’s Creo with step-by-step upgrade assistance. 
New capabilities

Today’s Creo is easier to use and more capable than ever

Real-time simulation. Additive manufacturing. Model-based definition. A few years ago, these were more fiction than fact. Now these are important tools in your engineering toolbox.

With today’s Creo, you can easily deliver high-quality, lower-cost, manufacturable solutions, all within the Creo design environment.

In the near future, you will be using generative design, IoT, and augmented reality, and Creo already has these tools available for you.

Your subscription or support agreement entitles you to these enhancements at no additional costs. Isn’t it time to upgrade?

How do I upgrade to the latest Creo?

Upgrading is easy when you have the support of PTC Customer Success. Watch this three-minute video to follow the steps for a typical upgrade. Use the Success Guide to plan, set-up and deploy your upgrade, and check out the Creo Upgrade Checklist for a quick reference. Then download the latest version and get started.

Download Creo     Success Guide

Save time when you upgrade

If you are still using an earlier version of Creo, you will be amazed at the time savings when you upgrade. Creo has improvements that will help you deliver your best designs in less time. In this video, you can see the time savings and new capabilities associated with Creo 8 enhancements in multibody, sketching, multi-hole, mirroring, reference replacements, lattices and sheet metal.