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Innovate Faster With Generative Design and AI

Deliver your best designs in less time with generative design software. Explore how generative design capabilities can enable your engineers to create optimized designs based on a set of engineering and operational requirements—for faster design iterations, automated design workflows, and increased testing speed.

What is generative design software?

Generative design is a 3D CAD capability that uses AI to autonomously create optimal designs from a set of system design requirements. Engineers can interactively specify their requirements and goals, including preferred materials and manufacturing processes—and the generative engine will automatically produce a manufacture-ready design as a starting point or as a final solution. As a result, engineers can interact with the technology to create superior designs and drive product innovation more quickly.

Benefits of generative design

From reducing product weight to parts consolidation and reduced time to market, the benefits of generative design can be felt from the design iteration stage down to engineering for manufacturability.

Creo’s generative design extensions are fully integrated into the CAD/PLM/simulation environment. Other software solutions require the importing and exporting of load cases and geometry. PTC’s solution is fully integrated into Creo and is a seamless part of any design workflow, from concept to simulation to production.


Increased innovation and productivity

After you set the design criteria, goals, and objectives, the software takes over. No longer constrained by “carry-over” geometry or established practices, your designs are quickly generated and optimized to meet your requirements. Both experienced and junior design engineers will automatically turn requirements into innovative product designs.

Additive and traditional manufacturing

Creo’s Generative Topology Optimization extension works with cutting-edge additive manufacturing, as well as traditional manufacturing processes. Now your machined parts can be as innovative as additive / 3D printed parts.

Rich CAD output data

Results can be represented either as tessellated geometry for additive manufacturing or reconstructed as full B-Rep CAD geometry for use in downstream processes.

Ease of use

Generative design setup is easier than ever, and is fully integrated into the Creo design environment—so you can easily incorporate the results in your workflow. Commands are consolidated in the familiar UI ribbon, with context-sensitive menus.

Creo Generative Design

Looking to take your product designs to the next level, with faster time to market and greater innovation? Creo Generative Design creates optimized product designs with the power of the cloud. Simultaneously explore numerous innovative design options, with top options automatically highlighted. Generative Design automatically delivers high-quality, lower-cost, manufacturable designs, all within the Creo design environment. Deliver your best designs in less time with Creo Generative Design.

Generative Design Volvo Showcase Demo


Automating Industrial Vehicle Design with Generative Design When Volvo wants to engineer the very best engine bracket, the team turns to generative design from Creo. The system helps the designer find the lightest weight model for 3D printing—without sacrificing strength, redefine the same design for casting, and even more.

Creo Generative Design helps Jacobs Engineering optimize design of portable life support system

“The most exciting thing about Generative Design, to me, is that it challenges my biases. As an engineer, I like right angles, flat surfaces and round dimensions, and Generative Design says that may not be the best solution. And so, if I want to be the best possible engineer at my job, I look to Generative Design to find those kinds of solutions.”

Jesse Craft, Sr. Design Engineer & Innovation Project Manager
Jacobs Engineering

Creo Generative Design Extensions

Our new Generative Topology Optimization extension (GTO) and cloud-based Generative Design Extension (GDX) help you optimize product designs based on your constraints and requirements – including materials and manufacturing processes. With GTO, you can rapidly explore innovative design options to reduce development time and expense, all within the Creo environment. And cloud-based GDX allows you to simultaneously create multiple designs using different material and manufacturing scenarios, with top options highlighted for your review. Learn more about how Creo generative design can help you automatically deliver high-quality, lower-cost, manufacturable designs.

Creo generative design with traditional manufacturing
Creo generative design with traditional manufacturing
Here’s a look at how Creo generative design software is used within the traditional manufacturing process.
Creo generative design with additive manufacturing
Creo generative design with additive manufacturing
Generative design is a natural fit for additive manufacturing. You can design parts and run real-time simulations all within the Creo CAD environment.

Applications and use cases of generative design