What is generative design software?

Generative design is a 3D CAD capability that uses AI to autonomously create optimal designs from a set of system design requirements. Engineers can interactively specify their requirements and goals, including preferred materials and manufacturing processes—and the generative engine will automatically produce a manufacture-ready design as a starting point or as a final solution. As a result, engineers can interact with the technology to create superior designs and drive product innovation more quickly.

Creo Generative Design

Looking to take your product designs to the next level? Creo Generative Design optimizes product designs with the power of the cloud. Simultaneously explore numerous innovative design options, with options automatically highlighted. Generative Design delivers high-quality, low-cost, manufacturable designs, all within the Creo design environment. Deliver your best designs in less time with Creo Generative Design.

What can Generative Design Do For You?

Leverage innovative design. Gain a competitive edge. Transform your business. Generative design can help both experienced and junior engineers deliver ground-breaking, manufacturable solutions.

Top Generative Design Solution

PTC Named a Top Generative Design Solution

In their latest report, ABI Research Competitive Ranking, a global technology intelligence firm, names PTC a leader in innovation and implementation in generative design. Introducing a set of new cloud solutions, such as AR Design Share and GDX, which takes advantage of high-performance computing in the cloud, PTC takes innovation to the next level. Within the CAD application Creo, generative tools like GTO and GDX help customers autonomously create optimal designs from a set of design goals and constraints. It’s with this innovation and easy implementation, that PTC is able to deliver go to market strategies, enable customers with hundreds of self-paced tutorials and establish opportunities for coursework and certifications.

Learn How Others Are Using Generative Design

Generative design isn’t just a theory. Learn how companies are using generative design to solve real world problems.

Cummins Optimizes New Product Designs

Cummins uses generative design for to drive sustainability

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Jacobs - Generative Design in Aerospace

Jacobs uses generative design for product light-weighting

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Creo Generative Design Extensions

Our new Generative Topology Optimization extension (GTO) and cloud-based Generative Design Extension (GDX) help you optimize product designs based on your constraints and requirements – including materials and manufacturing processes. With GTO, you can rapidly explore innovative design options to reduce development time and expense, all within the Creo environment. And cloud-based GDX allows you to simultaneously create multiple designs using different material and manufacturing scenarios, with top options highlighted for your review. Learn more about how Creo generative design can help you automatically deliver high-quality, lower-cost, manufacturable designs.

Generative Design for Traditional Manufacturing

Think generative design is only for additive manufacturing? Think again! Generative design can be applied to parts that are machined, cast or forged. You can use generative design to optimize legacy parts, using your existing manufacturing process.