Creo Simulation

Enhance your product design with simulation and analysis to reduce costly physical prototyping while increasing your products' durability, reliability, and safety

Understand how designs perform in real-world conditions with simulation software

Using digital prototypes to understand how your designs perform in real-world conditions is vital to your product development process. Creo Simulation is designed uniquely for the engineer. It comes complete with structural, thermal, and vibration analysis solutions and a comprehensive set of finite elements analysis (FEA) capabilities. With Creo Simulation, you can analyze and validate the performance of your 3D virtual prototypes before you make the first part.

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Enhance product design with advanced simulation

We offer flexible and unique simulation solutions for our customers. Utilize this section to gain insights into what we offer to fit your needs. If you have any questions about our tool stack, feel free to contact a Creo representative.

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Creo Simulation Extension

Creo Simulation Extension gives you the power to evaluate structural, thermal, and modal product performance on your digital model before resorting to costly, time-consuming, physical prototyping. Learn More
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Creo Advanced Simulation Extension

Creo Advanced Simulation expands the capabilities of Creo Simulation and allows the study of how advanced, nonlinear effects should influence the product design. Learn More
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Creo Fatigue Advisor Extension

Creo Fatigue Advisor expands the capabilities of Creo Simulation and allows the evaluation of product design for durability. Learn More
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Other simulation tools

Explore the comprehensive set of simulation and analysis tools available in PTC’s tool stack. Learn More