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Improve Efficiency Across the Value Chain

Streamline your operations with innovative technology to increase productivity, do more with less, and stay ahead of global market challenges.

Improve Efficiency for Your Workforce and Operations

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In a challenging global market, being able to do more with less—with speed and scalability—is crucial to success. PTC helps our customers improve both manufacturing efficiency and field service automation to break down barriers impacting productivity and output. From cutting factory downtime and boosting asset performance to enabling skilled technicians to deliver services faster, our customers are achieving:

Up to 60%

-  Increase in Operator Productivity

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Up to 92%

-  First Time Fix Rate

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Up to 30%

-  Less Unscheduled Downtime

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Up to 75%

-  Faster On-site Service

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Up to a 50%

-  Increase in OEE

Increase Manufacturing Efficiency and Field Service Automation

Finding new ways to improve efficiency across the value chain is more essential than ever. Whether you need to boost the performance of the equipment on your shop floors or help your employees work smarter in the field or factory, PTC solutions drive serious efficiency gains across service, manufacturing, and engineering.

Drive Efficiency With PTC

Discover how PTC customers are making their operations more efficient with our digital transformation solutions.


Global foodservice leader Pactiv cut downtime by 50% by using PTC solutions for real-time equipment and inventory monitoring to increase throughput.

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Heidelberg resolved more than 70% of electronic press problems remotely and enabled their customers to improve throughput by using PTC connectivity and IIoT solutions.

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LACROIX Electronics improved their OEE metrics and data collection by using PTC IIoT solutions to identify, respond to, and prevent problems across their production lines.

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Bell and Howell

Bell and Howell resolved 60% of machine maintenance remotely and achieved a 92% first time fix rate by using PTC’s IoT solutions to drive service efficiency and quality.

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Vattenfall supports sustainable growth and service for energy consumers by using PTC’s solutions for reducing downtime, eliminating data silos, and forecasting demand for customers.

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Brembo boosted bottom-line savings by using PTC connectivity and real-time visibility solutions to reduce both scrap and downtime.

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Improve Efficiency With Advanced Technology Solutions


Remote Condition Monitoring

Improve field service automation by using remote condition monitoring to anticipate and prevent downtime so your customers stay online and running at full capacity.


Industrial Connectivity

Digital efficiency initiatives begin with standardized industrial connectivity. Discover how you can connect your factory equipment and serviceable products with ease.


Reduce Truck Rolls

Dramatically improve your service efficiency by reducing your number of truck rolls. Learn how remote diagnostics, predictive analytics, and augmented remote assistance can eliminate the need for on-site visits.


IoT and AR Strategy Across the Value Chain

Explore research from BSG and PTC on how implementing a joint IoT and augmented reality strategy can help your organization move to the head of the pack.