Windchill product lifecycle management software

Manufacturers have never needed real-time information sharing, dynamic data visualization, and the ability to collaborate more than they do today. With easy, secure data access for multi-disciplinary and geographically-distributed teams, quality-focused processes, and a data driven approach to manufacturing, Windchill is elevating how product development gets done.

Windchill’s open architecture enables easy integration with other enterprise systems, including IoT, providing a solid foundation for a product-driven digital thread. PTC's PLM system provides comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality and highly configurable role and task-based apps. Expand self-service access of traceable product data to non-experts who don’t typically use PLM, while avoiding over-customization and complexity.

Elevating how product development gets done
No matter what role you play in the product lifecycle, Windchill can help you quickly see value. Average results our customers experience include:
Architecture and deployment

PTC's PLM software is optimized to support the extended enterprise and external partners with a high degree of automation and interoperability for cross-discipline configuration management.

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What's new in Windchill

Experience the power of the digital thread and enable the seamless flow of information across the enterprise.

  • Interoperability: Windchill Workgroup Manager now supports back compatibility as well as a degree of forward compatibility. This significantly improves the upgrade experience.
  • Visualization: Improved performance and scalability of 3D visualization for extremely large and complex product structures. With QuickView you can visualize highly complex models resulting in much faster decision making and collaboration.
  • Dynamic positioning support for Siemens NX: Windchill 13 adds support for Siemens NX locator publishing and dynamic positioning. Designers can define the positioning of components relative to one another in the PLM environment. This saves time as designers do not have to create every configuration in CAD. Additionally, the entire enterprise can easily access configurations for accurate collaboration.
  • Automation of the regulatory submission process: New in Windchill 13 are various enhancements to objects including revision control which streamlines and simplifies the regulatory submission process. Windchill 13 includes enhanced Unique Device Identifiers (UDI) support as well as support for leveraging the REST framework. 
  • XBOM and process planning: Customers can take advantage of multiple improvements in Windchill 13 to visualize, synchronize and extend the flow of information between engineering and manufacturing. From higher performance visualization of very large structures to new automatic BOM transformation capabilities as well as enhancements in standard control characteristics.
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Success with Windchill

Here are a few examples of how your peers are realizing value from PTC's PLM application. For a comprehensive list, visit our case study page.

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