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Product Data Management (PDM)

Enable global collaboration across concurrent design environments with a secure and tightly integrated multi-CAD and product data management system.

What is Product Data Management (PDM)?

Product data management is the use of software to help organizations connect and communicate product information across globally distributed teams where multiple CAD tools may be used. It guarantees that every model, drawing or document is secured and easily found in a central repository. With PDM, you ensure that every version and revision is tracked, required approvals have happened, and manual tasks have been automated.

Simplified product data management


Did you know that engineers in organizations without robust product data management spend 25% more time on nonproductive data management tasks?

Designing a product means having to manage many different types of data. With PDM, you gain efficiencies in organizing, tracking, and re-using all design data centrally with a single source of truth. Spend less time searching for CAD files, recreating data, updating systems, and answering requests from non-CAD users. Hit your cost and schedule targets by eliminating non-value tasks associated with managing and sharing secure product data.

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As easy as manage, review, share

Product Data Management Manage, Review, and Share

PTC’s product data management software can be embedded in all major MCAD systems for users to manage and edit CAD data and related documents (i.e. Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF) without leaving their native MCAD environment. Access to data is optimized for the remote worker; it is web-based, accessible from your Windows desktop, and available in the PTC cloud. With a simplified approval and release process, every review and change is easily coordinated across necessary stakeholders. The sharing of more consumable data is automated for non-CAD users through lightweight viewables and self-service access to role-based apps in secure project spaces.

Key product features

Maintain legacy information and manage new product data, providing full digital traceability. Ensure everyone is using the right version for development, analysis, manufacturing, and procurement.

  • Control CAD data: Easy HTML UI and CAD tool integrations including Creo, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling/Drafting, CATIA V5, NX, SolidWorks, Inventor, AutoCAD

  • Secure collaboration: Fast and secure role-based access to product data by disbursed teams and value chain partners

  • Role-based apps: Self-service, out-of-the-box role and task-based apps that provide contextualized information for non-CAD users

  • Release and change process: Simple workflow capabilities to route documents for approval and/or review

  • ECAD data management: Synchronize ECAD libraries with PLM Parts and MCAD models (Zuken, Cadence, Altium and more). Provide easy and accurate enterprise access to complex electronic design data.

  • Generate viewables: Publishing of CAD to lightweight viewables for review and consumption outside of engineering

  • Multi-CAD editing: Edit product data within major CAD systems using check-in check-out, downloads, family tables, virtual components, and save-as

  • Lifecycle management: Control CAD data status from WIP (work-in-progress) to release

  • Microsoft Office integration: Initiate promotion, version comparison, and link to detailed information in GUI and web browsers

  • Create new documents: Drag and drop using Windows File Explorer or browse the PDM system as a folder structure

  • Advanced search: Search, save, share, and visualize by keyword, attributes, conditions, and classifications relationships

  • Post publishing: Trigger auto publishing, job scheduling, and manual publishing; publish XML doc maps from configuration specs to various formats

  • Document classification: Organize documents from classification structures and hierarchy for searching and re-use

Customer stories

Learn how your peers are managing their product data using PTC’s robust product data management software.

EAG Reduces Costs by 40%

Learn how Elite Aerospace Group leveraged multi-CAD data management, enabling it to maximize capacity and meet customer demands.

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EnerSys Speeds Time to Market

EnerSys unified their new product implementation process by using PTC's PLM solutions to exchange information between product data management (PDM), ERP, and MES systems.

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Lifetime Products improved time to market

Lifetime Products streamlined product data management by using PTC's PLM solutions to create a single source of truth of data across their organization.

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Improved Engineering Efficiency

Learn how Volvo CE is streamlining their design processes and shifting the focus to whole product optimization through component reuse, transforming R&D into a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team.

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Explore PTC’s Windchill enterprise PDM PLM solution


Windchill is PTC’s PDM solution for enterprise PLM. Follow your product from the concept stage through its entire lifecycle and full release with confidence. Windchill removes the burden of data administration and lets product designers get back to what they do best: design.

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Give stakeholders throughout your organization quick and easy access to product data. Windchill, PTC’s product lifecycle management solution, helps break down organizational silos leading to:

  • Improved time-to-market
  • Decreased costs
  • Improved product quality
  • More time for innovating

Windchill offers organizations the performance and scale they need to manage large data sets and with subscription pricing, you only pay for what you need. Plus, with easy integration to the ThingWorx IoT platform, data from smart, connected products in the field can be leveraged for a digital twin.

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