Windchill Enterprise Systems Integration

Connect business processes and people with enterprise systems to share common and consistent information across the product development ecosystem

Standards-Based Data Exchange Between Enterprise Systems

With Windchill you can connect to other product development and business systems so that your entire ecosystem is working from the same up to date product information. No longer will users be burdened with redundant and error prone data entry tasks. With a rich set of APIs and out-of-the-box functionality, Windchill uses micro services and mashups to provide:

  • Standards-Based Data Exchange: PLM Services 2.0 standard, STEP AP214 AIM, PLCS, and AP242

  • Embedded Software Integration: Software configuration management and defect tracking systems

  • ERP and MES Integration: Publishing of parts, bills of materials (BOMs), documents, changes, process plans, operations, and resource instructions

  • Cloud Integration: Salesforce, SAP, Box, Jira

  • Support for a Variety of Integration Architectures and Protocols: MoM, Restful, OSLC, file based and SOAP, JMS, HTTP

  • Extensible Out-of-the-Box Services: Product, document, CAD data, manufacturing process, product platform, and event management

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