Codebeamer: Simplify Complex Product and Software Engineering at Scale

Codebeamer is an ALM platform for advanced product and software development. The open platform extends ALM functionalities with product line configuration capabilities, and provides unique configurability for complex processes.

What is Codebeamer?


Codebeamer extends ALM with product line configuration capabilities and provides unique configurability for complex processes. It offers digital workflows for efficiency in collaborative development and regulatory compliance support and integrates with other PTC products to connect to the engineering digital thread. 

What are the benefits of Codebeamer?

Codebeamer is a complete software lifecycle management solution with all-in-one requirements, risk, and test management capabilities.

Use smart digital workflows to holistically connect people, roles, and processes along the software delivery lifecycle.

<p>Codebeamer is a complete software lifecycle management solution with all-in-one requirements, risk, and test management capabilities. </p> <p>Use smart digital workflows to holistically connect people, roles, and processes along the software delivery lifecycle.</p>

Modern, Integrated, Connected

Leverage modern, browser-based, intuitive application lifecycle management capabilities, including test management, requirements management, risk management, and full end-to-end traceability.

Seamless Integration

Connect your fragmented software engineering tool environment with a central development platform through out-of-the-box and standards-based integrations. Reduce hidden costs and the tedious manual work of creating integrations.

Full Agile Capabilities

Plan, track, and manage Agile development. Use the planner, kanban, cardbord, cashbord, backlog, and release system to stay organized. Codebeamer orchestrates and controls CI/CD pipelines (e.g., Jenkins, Azure Pipeline).

End-to-End Traceability

End-to-end traceability throughout the software engineering lifecycle, from the requirements stage all the way through testing and release. Codebeamer's centralized data repository guarantees complete traceability across all work items. Codebeamer also integrates with the PTC engineering digital thread, using OSLC technology.

Speed and Predictability

Strong strategic reuse, modular design, and product line engineering with a system-of-systems approach for requirements, design, tests, and software, including all traces.

Out-of-the-Box Templates

Hit the ground running using predefined templates. Get up to speed in no time, adapt our templates to your needs, and focus on delivering value instantly.

Discover the key features of Codebeamer

Requirements Management

For engineers wanting traceability, transparency, and efficient collaboration in requirements management. Identify, manage, and track's requirements, epics, and user stories across the software engineering lifecycle with Codebeamer.

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Software Risk Management

Integrate software risk management into your software development lifecycle for safe and reliable products. Analyze and document risk activities for efficiency and regulatory compliance.

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Test Management

For quality teams aiming to build confidence in their software solutions through testing. Reduce quality costs and put your commitment to product quality into action with Codebeamer.

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Product Variability Management

For development teams looking to achieve efficiencies in product line engineering. Reduce rework, shorten release cycles, and cut the costs of product verification. Develop the right product variant for the right market with Codebeamer.

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For DevOps teams looking to strengthen alignment and to streamline product delivery. Rely on Codebeamer's built-in integrations and data sharing to reduce the hidden costs of third-party integrations and IT services.

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Software Development

For software teams and managers looking to build quality in their technology products. Codebeamer holistically integrates development to break down silos and provide traceability from requirements through code, testing, and release.

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Visualize, predict, and proactively manage important tasks and make faster, more accurate data-based decisions. Achieve predictability in software development with Codebeamer. Access, filter, and make sense of the vast amounts of ALM data managed in Codebeamer's central repository. Connect requirements, development, testing, and DevOps data to unlock key lifecycle insights, and feed data into visual reports. Create custom dashboards to visualize and interpret application development data.

What’s new in Codebeamer

Learn more about great new features in Codebeamer including significant improvements to templates, MATLAB Simulink integration, and ReqIF, as well as improved scalability and performance. Codebeamer is now also available in Japanese.

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Veoneer Customer Case Study

Find out how Veoneer, a silent partner behind the world’s most advanced vehicles, is using Codebeamer to improve automotive safety.

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Medtronic Customer Case Study

Find out how this global leader in medical technology was able to scale Agile in their organization while maintaining compliance with medical regulations.

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Frequently asked questions

What are Codebeamer templates?

Codebeamer templates come with predefined artifacts, workflows, and baked-in domain knowledge out of the box. Templates save you significant time and costs when getting started with Codebeamer. They enable you to implement our solutions fast and can dramatically reduce the costs of regulatory compliance. Use preconfigured templates to hit the ground running in the delivery of complex or regulated products. You can customize templates to suit our organization's individual needs.