Industrial Connectivity

A standardized industrial connectivity layer solves interoperability challenges and enables IIoT-driven business transformations, making efficient remote diagnostics and monitoring a reality. Read the LNS Research report.

What makes standardized industrial connectivity unique?

OT systems like MES, SCADA, PLCs, and CNCs are sophisticated but rarely networked. To break the silos of these niche protocols, industrial connectivity drivers allow manufacturers to get this valuable machine data into the network where predictive analytics can make it actionable. Standardizing industrial connectivity offers the following unique benefits:

Universal connectivity

Protocol translation enables connectivity to devices regardless of age or manufacturer—preventing the need to replace trusted equipment.

Maximum data visibility

Connectivity scales across multiple facilities—unlocking previously inaccessible data for valuable analysis and insights.

Faster time-to-value

Replace time-consuming custom connections with a connectivity layer that implements quickly and builds value over time.

Secure and Reliable

Support new devices, future innovations, and rapidly evolving demands—while safeguarding against security threats and costly downtime.

Connecting your manufacturing facilities

If continuous operational improvement is your goal, standardized industrial connectivity is invaluable. Without full access to real-time, comprehensive data on asset performance and health, how can you trust your measurements, analysis, and improvement plans?

Discover how connectivity can supercharge your ability to make data-driven operational improvements.

Connectivity for machine builders

Discover how connectivity can accelerate product innovation and value.

The need to innovate is matched by pressure to reduce costs. Standardized connectivity enables meeting both requirements. Connected machines promise an edge in competitive markets, while standardized, off-the-shelf connectivity minimizes the obstacles and cost. Reliable, rapidly implemented connectivity also keeps your engineers focused on higher-value innovations.

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First ever closed loop digital continuous improvement solution

We developed a universal view of performance communicated in the universal business metric of time. It’s a closed loop continuous improvement solution to monitor performance, prioritize areas for improvement, analyzes production losses for root cause analysis, helps find prescriptive and targeted actions for improvement and compares performance across the enterpise.


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