Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Connect your machines, employees, and processes—while unlocking new data-driven capabilities. Explore how industrial connectivity and real-time data analytics can transform your industrial data into faster business decisions, improved efficiency, and maximized revenue growth for your business.

Learn how to master industrial IoT success in manufacturing and service with IoT programs that hit the right milestones.

What is IIoT?

The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a foundational technology for Industry 4.0 initiatives that uses connected smart sensors, actuators, and more to connects your people, products, and processes to power digital transformation. Using industrial IoT platforms, companies connect, monitor, analyze, and act on industrial data in new ways to improve efficiency, maximize revenue growth, reduce costs, and more.

You can start fast with digital transformation, using IoT for strategic pilots while easily scaling solutions to reshape your organization. Leaders depend on the industrial IoT across the value chain to make enterprise-wide impact—from how they design, manufacture, and service products, to how they create value and engage with customers.

Benefits of Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT systems are made powerful by connected devices and machines that can speak the same language, monitor and analyze industrial performance data, and allow real-time visibility into what’s going right, what’s going wrong, and even predictions on when something will go wrong. A connected IIoT ecosystem gives you and your team the power to enhance efficiencies, remotely monitor, benchmark across sites, maximize uptime, optimize operations in factory and field—the potential is limitless.

The best way to accelerate digital transformation is by using a proven industrial IoT platform that’s purpose-built for you. An established platform offers several advantages, including:



Maximize Revenue

Eliminate unplanned downtime and operational roadblocks to keep revenue growing. Scale to new markets, improve throughput, and unlock new business models such as products as a service with IIoT.


Reduce Time to Market

Get to market faster with rapid application development. An industrial IoT platform allows you to wrap and extend legacy assets for new functionality.


Lower Operational Costs

Unlock industrial data from connected products and systems to boost productivity and efficiency while keeping costs low. Remove bottlenecks and increase efficiency.


Improve Quality

Secure and scale your product, service, and factory operations. Improve service quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

IIoT for Manufacturing and Service


Industrial IoT for Manufacturing

See how IIoT creates smart manufacturing solutions that can transform your plant operations. Reduce changeover times, eliminate unplanned downtime, and more with IIoT manufacturing improvements.

Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Industrial IoT for service

Industrial IoT for Service

Learn how IIoT solutions can help field service technicians improve first-time fix rates, diagnose problems remotely, and reduce truck rolls and blind dispatches.

Service Optimization Solutions

Industrial connectivity manufacturing Industrial connectivity manufacturing

Industrial connectivity: Your IIoT foundation

Breaking the silos of niche protocols in your factory starts with getting your OT systems—and all of your machines—speaking the same language. See how protocol translation and universal connectivity set you up for digital transformation initiatives in your plants while giving you maximum data visibility and allowing for faster time to value.

Top Industrial IoT Use Cases

Accelerating your digital transformation takes more than just the right industrial Internet of Things platform. You also need pragmatic applications of technology that will make an impact on your business. PTC customers use our IIoT products to address proven use cases—building a repeatable roadmap for success.

Explore the potential of IIoT for your business:

Remote Condition Monitoring
Digital Work Instructions
Real-Time Data Visibility
Plant Benchmarking
Predictive Maintenance


OEMs can drive service revenue by innovating new offerings with IIoT and selling the outcomes their products provide their customers. See how a product-as-a-service revenue model can boost your margins while increasing value for your customers.

Remote Condition Monitoring

What if you could eliminate blind dispatches and reduce truck rolls while improving customer success and satisfaction? Empower your teams with access to monitor asset data remotely to help prevent downtime for your customers—and even prevent issues before they occur.

Digital Work Instructions

Give your frontline workers the digital tools and data they need to be safer and more productive. Connect humans with real-time, actionable machine data in one unified view to help scale knowledge, improve safety, and boost efficiency.

Real-Time Data Visibility

Know what’s happening with your machines in real time in an actionable view—so you can reduce unplanned downtime, maximize asset efficiency and utilization, and improve output quality.

Plant Benchmarking

Shop floor improvements start with better KPIs—and a way to track them and take action quickly. Plant benchmarking solutions help you achieve consistent performance analysis across all sites for optimized efficiency and output across plants, equipment, lines, and shifts.

Predictive Maintenance

Intelligent asset optimization starts with predictive maintenance. Detect problems before they happen and reduce unplanned downtime by up to 30% for faster service resolutions—all with less time on site.

Industrial Internet of Things Case Studies

Experience IIoT’s real-world impact through our customers’ success stories. PTC has worked with leading industrial companies in manufacturing and service to transform their business through IoT. Explore the potential of this foundational digital transformation technology.


Caterpillar is helping De Beers ensure safe mining conditions above the arctic circle using monitoring and predictive service solutions from PTC.

Watch Their Story

Bell and Howell

Bell and Howell achieved a 92% first-time fix rate using PTC’s ThingWorx platform to enable and service.

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CIMC launched a smart manufacturing initiative leveraging the ThingWorx Industrial IoT platform to integrate IoT with their Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and break down data siloes.

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HIROTEC improves productivity for its manufacturing customers by using PTC solutions to connect, monitor, and optimize their shop floor products.

Follow Hirotec’s Journey

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