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What Is Real-time Visibility?

Visibility into product information is the lifeblood of every organization—it touches every function in the value chain, and sharing it across the business is what distinguishes a good company from a great company. Acquiring the data itself is not enough—the benefit comes from sharing that information across the organization in actionable context, as well as connecting it to customers so that the full team understands how products are used and how they’re performing. Enable your team to make decisions based on real-time data to increase safety of procedures, predictive maintenance, and machine performance in both factory and field. PTC customers unlock the value of data visibility and achieve:
Up to 48%

-  Fewer safety incidents

Up to 75%

-  Less time on-site

Up to 30%

-  Less unscheduled downtime

Up to 50%

-  Improvement in OEE

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Drive Change by Turning Data Into Actionable Insights

If you can’t measure productivity, compare activity over time, or perceive conditions, you’re holding your organization back. Real-time data visibility enables you to measure, analyze, and act on the IIoT data of your operations to innovate the way you design, make, and service products. Access critical insights to increase efficiency and operational safety across engineering, manufacturing, service, and product management.
ThingWorx Digital Performance Management ThingWorx Digital Performance Management

ThingWorx Digital Performance Management

Real-time, closed-loop problem-solving can improve your business with timely insights. Identify bottlenecks and root causes, drive success and growth, and measure the impact of your initiatives with data-driven solutions.

What Is Real-time Visibility Doing to Help Earn Real-world Results?

See how PTC's customers are turning machine and equipment data from the factory and field into actionable insights that help solve challenges and produce results.


Sapura enhanced visibility into machine performance and improved worker safety by using PTC’s industrial connectivity solutions to collect real-time equipment data from off-shore sites, evaluate performance against operational limits, and alert employees when compliance issues arise.

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Brembo turned real-time machine data into real bottom-line improvements by using PTC's solutions to cut scrap and reduce downtime.

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Howden gave their customers visibility into real-time operating data by using PTC’s IIoT and augmented reality solutions to incorporate equipment performance information into mixed reality work instructions.

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Woodward improved manufacturing efficiency by using PTC solutions to reduce training times and empower employees with real-time, actionable data.

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LACROIX Electronics

LACROIX Electronics improved their OEE metrics by using PTC’s real-time data solutions to optimize their production line performance.

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