Enhance Digital Workforce Productivity

Your front-line workers are your most valuable asset, but they are often overlooked by digital transformation efforts. PTC can help you supercharge your workforce.

Digital workforce productivity: Your best source for efficiency gains

To make efficiency gains, manufacturers rely on providing physical equipment with new digital capabilities. But if you aren’t including your workforce in this transformation, your potential is limited. With integrated IIoT and AR technology from PTC, your front-line workers can make unprecedented contributions to overall manufacturing efficiency. See it in action, and learn how BAE Systems is using Vuforia and Hololens to help their employees learn faster and work more effectively.

Driving complementary business goals

Efficiency is improved by addressing multiple problem points, and by taking a phased approach with technology that ensures both an ROI and scalability. Discover how Intelligent Asset Optimization can deliver key business goals.

Reduce Manufacturing Costs
Focus on lowering labor and material costs and cutting the cost of quality. Reduce overhead and supply chain. Mitigate safety and compliance risks.

Maximize Revenue Growth
Drive speed and agility on the factory floor. Unleash a more flexible workforce. Shorten your SLAs and fulfill more orders.

Faster Changeover
Maximize your asset utilization. Reduce inventory levels and capital expenditures. Shorten changeover times.

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Featured product: Vuforia Expert Capture

Vuforia Expert Capture is the fastest, easiest way to create and deliver powerful AR content without preexisting digital assets or disrupting high-valuable resources. 

Vuforia Expert Capture creates powerful, effective content. Effective, location-aware and step-by-step guidance can be easily created—even when you don’t have access to documentation, IoT data, or digital design files commonly required by other AR products.


Closing the skills gap: Meeting today’s workforce challenges

From rising retirement rates to increased product complexity and the cost of training, a skills crisis looms across many industries. By using innovative and highly effective AR-based solutions, you can reduce the time and cost of training, while improving training quality, and generating more competent first-time employees. Learn how AR can help you can close the skills gap.

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