Maximize Labor Productivity

From manufacturing to service, your workforce is critical to success. But workforce challenges and skills shortages can result in serious costs. PTC's Digital Workforce Productivity Solution can boost labor efficiency and quality, while reducing downtime, waste, compliance, and safety risks. Maximize labor productivity by improving how you train, instruct, guide, and assist your front-line workers.

Drive Measurable Value

Optimize overall labor costs, while improving overall safety, quality, and efficiency.

Reduce Training and Labor Costs

Leverage existing expertise more effectively. Improve onboarding and new skills development. Eliminate the need to train on multiple IT and OT systems. Cross-train to improve workforce agility and flexibility.

Improve Safety and Compliance

Limit safety risks. Reduce the time and cost of documentation for compliance. Enforce audit trails for management and reporting. Ensure traceability and quality reconciliation.

Minimize Errors and Downtime

Optimize machine set-up, changeover, and maintenance tasks. Reduce operator and assembly errors. Provide role-based, unified views into previously siloed data. Improve worker comprehension of complex products and processes.

Closing the Skills Gap: Meeting Today’s Workforce Challenges


From rising retirement rates to increased product complexity and the cost of training, a skills crisis looms across many industries. By using innovative and highly effective AR-based solutions, you can reduce the time and cost of training, while improving training quality, and generating more competent first-time employees. Learn how AR can help you can close the skills gap.


Featured Product: Vuforia Expert Capture

Vuforia Expert Capture is the fastest, easiest way to create and deliver powerful AR content without preexisting digital assets or disrupting high-valuable resources. 

Vuforia Expert Capture creates powerful, effective content. Effective, location-aware and step-by-step guidance can be easily created—even when you don’t have access to documentation, IoT data, or digital design files commonly required by other AR products.