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Fully optimized factories are elusive targets. Smart manufacturing solutions can unlock new levels of innovation, productivity, and growth through various continuous improvement strategies. Discover why continuous improvement is critical and listen to how our customers are solving their challenges.

Build competitive advantage at scale

According to IDC, industrial companies are prioritizing digital manufacturing investments, yet many struggle to scale because their business goals are poorly defined. PTC’s digital manufacturing solutions are prescriptive, scalable, and proven to deliver maximum business impact.

Digital manufacturing: Turning challenge into opportunity

Global competition bites into margins and complicates your supply chain. Customers demand faster delivery of tailored solutions that require more complexity. Meanwhile, skilled experts are exiting the workforce. The industry is racing to adopt industry 4.0 practices and technologies to solve these challenges. How are you using digital manufacturing solutions to keep pace and remain competitive?

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Harness continuous improvement to boost your competitive advantage

Real-time problem identification, root cause analysis, and closed-loop performance management are essential for continuous improvement. Explore how PTC´s solutions for manufacturing can revolutionize your operations.

Digital manufacturing use cases

Plant Benchmarking

Plant Benchmarking

Improve data collection and analysis across plants, equipment, lines, and more. Get a clearer picture of performance and make more meaningful improvements.

Discover Better Benchmarking

Digital Workforce Productivity

Digital Workforce Productivity

Adopt technology to empower your most valuable asset: the frontline employees on your factory floor. Supercharge your workforce for massive efficiency gains.

Discover a More Productive Workforce

Improving OEE

Improving OEE

Digital manufacturing can discover previously unmeasured KPIs to find—and solve—hidden inefficiencies. Minimize avoidable CAPEX, prevent downtime, and accelerate changeover.

Boost Your OEE

Industrial Connectivity

Industrial Connectivity

Access, optimize, and aggregate data from disparate legacy sensors and equipment to power digital manufacturing initiatives.

Get Connected
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Extend Digital Thread Into the Factory

Extend Digital Thread Into the Factory

Begin manufacturing in parallel with engineering and remain updated with access and visibility to the latest design changes. Accelerate production and reduce non-quality costs via a seamless digital t

Concurrent Engineering

Real-world results with Digital Manufacturing

PTC has partnered with leading manufacturers from across the globe to transform their operations using digital manufacturing solutions. Read their stories here.

Moving from Paper to Glass for Real-Time Data Visibility

Discover how Ecolab used the ThingWorx IIoT Platform and Rockwell’s operational technology experience to uncover hidden issues in manufacturing plants, including downtime.

Read the Case Study

Driving Efficiency at Tofaş with ThingWorx and DVM

Discover how the implementation of ThingWorx and DVM has enabled Tofaş to experience a great increase in efficiency, safety, savings, and energy optimization.

Read the Case Study

Rockwell Automation

Learn how Rockwell Automation continues to optimize operations and increase workforce efficiency

Read Case Study


Electrolux unlocked insights by using industrial connectivity to access and harness factory data from the shop floor.

Read Case Study


CIMC enabled predictive maintenance by leveraging PTC’s industrial IoT solutions to lower plant operating costs and reduce energy consumption.

Explore Their Story


Leveraging a suite of PTC solutions for its own digital transformation, Volvo Group aims to improve workforce productivity, reduce training time, and increase quality control.

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Knorr-Bremse uses ThingWorx to transfer changes from product development to every workstation in production in a paperless, quick and error-free manner.

Follow Their Journey

Power your manufacturing solutions with PTC products

Digital Performance Management


Trusted and recommended by industry experts, ThingWorx offers all the IIoT capabilities to quickly build and scale your manufacturing solutions.


With market-leading AR technology and an extensive application suite, Vuforia has become the go-to choice for manufacturers seeking to transform their operations.

Digital Performance Management

A closed-loop problem solving solution, Digital Performance Management helps increase revenue by reducing operating costs, increasing service levels, and regaining lost production hours.

We’re here to help you reach your digital manufacturing goals

PTC changes the way manufacturers approach digital transformation by starting with a business need then applying the right technology. We help our clients lower operational costs, increase asset efficiency and maximize revenue growth.

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