The State of Digital Manufacturing Today

Today's manufacturers face unprecedented challenges. From shortages of skilled workers, to inefficiencies and waste—companies are racing to solve problems ahead of their competitors. Discover the benefits of digital manufacturing that successful leaders are using to unlock true operational and business transformation.

KPMG Industry Report: Global Manufacturing Outlook

Industry experts at KPMG surveyed leading manufacturing CEOs about the promised benefits of digital manufacturing. Discover their insights on the need to move quickly, the importance of industrial augmented reality, and the biggest opportunities being created by digital transformation.

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Build Your Digital Manufacturing Solutions

To help you drive business change, PTC offers holistic, prescriptive solutions powered by leading industrial IoT and AR technology platforms—including partner frameworks that enable comprehensive digital transformation. PTC's Digital Manufacturing Solutions Suite is comprised of the following solutions:

Enterprise Operational Intelligence

Drive a focused strategy to reduce costs and increase flexibility, by using real-time visibility and standardized KPIs. Introduce performance consistency and gains across your entire operation.

Build Operational Intelligence

Digital Workforce Productivity

Address skills shortages, labor costs, and rising product complexity. With Workforce Productivity Solutions you can ensure your workers will be properly trained, be more productive, work more safely, and adapt with agility to real-time conditions—making a substantial impact on your labor costs and overall operational productivity.

Optimize Your Workforce

Intelligent Asset Optimization

Proactively cut downtime while maximizing asset utilization. Reduce your maintenance and equipment costs. With Intelligent Asset Optimization solutions, you can break down data silos to gain new insights. Power digital work instructions with IoT data to reduce your mean time to repair and improve your first-time fix rates.

Optimize Your Assets

Scalable Production Management

Equip your operations with the right mix of industrial IoT, augmented reality, and analytics technology to ensure machine uptime and high-quality, high-volume throughput. Scalable Production Management is key to driving OEE and product quality improvements.

Streamline Production

Connecting the Digital Thread: Volvo Group’s Manufacturing Efficiency Transformation

Discover how Volvo is undertaking a digital manufacturing transformation—rethinking physical processes, products, and people with powerful emerging technologies including Augmented Reality and the industrial IoT.

Partnering to Shape the Future of Manufacturing

Together, PTC, Rockwell Automation, and Microsoft are helping drive the future of industrial innovation. Our unique partnership provides customers with mission-critical resources to simplify transformation, accelerate business outcomes, and innovate with agility.

Rockwell Automation’s best-in-class MES, analytics, and industrial automation platforms play a fundamental role in delivering the benefits of digital manufacturing.

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Microsoft enables more effective industrial solutions with Azure®, the largest and most trusted industrial cloud, and their immersive HoloLens® 2 mixed reality device.

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