Creating and Updating the Manufacturing BOM (mBOM)

Leverage information from engineering into manufacturing

Demonstration: How Polaris Creates the mBOM


Transforming an engineering bill of materials (eBOM) into a manufacturing bill of materials is a key component of the manufacturing process. See how the as-planned, or manufacturing BOM is created, including manufacturing process plans.


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Create and Manage an Associative mBOM and eBOM

Connect manufacturing and engineering by establishing associative BOM links between the two views of the BOM. Ensure any engineering changes are communicated to manufacturing.

Irobot and Solar Turbines and BOM Success

Hear how two companies manage their Bill of Materials across their organizations

Discover What’s New in Windchill 11

Windchill 11 introduces breakthrough new eBOM functionality to deliver more to more people across your organization than ever before.

PTC PLM Manufacturing Process Management Solution

Enable manufacturing teams to associatively create the manufacturing BOM from the eBOM and prepare process manufacturing plans.

Encourage Collaboration

Share eBOMs earlier to gain feedback from others based on validating and optimizing preliminary versions of BOMs

Manage Engineering Change

Automate updates to the mBOM, and created associative BOMs for manufacturing, service, and others

Create a Digital Thread

Associate product and manufacturing data across the value chain, leveraging multi-system data orchestration, and release to ERP/MES

Enable Scale and Performance

Easily manage large data sets, configurations, and variants with our flexible PLM data model

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