What is the Engineering BOM (eBOM)?

Ensure the seamless flow of information between engineering, manufacturing, and service

What is the Engineering BOM (eBOM)?

An engineering BOM is created at the very beginning of product design by engineers in either CAD or EDA, listing items that will be necessary to manufacture a particular product. They are a crucial step in the product lifecycle because a well-laid-out engineering BOM can help manufacturers avoid problems down the line. 

One key step to establishing a fully digitized manufacturing process that works concurrently with product design is establishing an engineering bill of materials that’s used to derive the manufacturing BOM and service BOM—and remains connected.

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Through a consistent digital thread of information running through our product’s lifecycle, we have been able to reduce production time and errors, and reduce our stock of product components due to the precision introduced into the manufacturing process. – BENETEAU Group
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