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Boost your overall equipment effectiveness. Reduce your CAPEX expenditures. Empower your workforce. Learn how you can use digital solutions to drive leaner operations.

OEE is Your Key to Unlocking Manufacturing Success


Overall Equipment Effectiveness is a true benchmark of manufacturing productivity. Are your operations using all available uptime? Are processes running at peak capacity? During those operations, how much energy is wasted on producing unusable scrap? While OEE isn’t a new concept, it remains a moving target. Manufacturers are increasingly adopting innovative digital solutions to move closer to their 100% OEE goals

What's Draining Your Efficiency?

The challenge with making OEE improvements is that you can’t fix what you can’t measure. Hidden inefficiencies can cut deep into your bottom line. That’s why best-in-class manufacturers are using innovative solutions powered by the IIoT. With new levels of connectivity, visibility, and analytics, an IIoT platform can help you can find and fix the hidden drags on your machine efficiency.

The Impact of Improving OEE: By the Numbers

What kind of impact can digital solutions really make on your machine efficiency? The following metrics are taken directly from manufacturing customers, reflecting how digital solutions are boosting productivity.

Minimize CAPEX
15% reduction in CAPEX

By using digital solutions to extend asset life, manufacturers can shed up to 15% of their CAPEX expenditures.
Prevent Downtime
50% reduction in downtime
Preventative maintenance, and empowering workers can cut up to 50% of unplanned downtime.
Boost Changeover

Accelerating worker efficiency and optimizing production lines can result in up to 70% faster changeover time.
Overall Equipment Effectiveness

The combined adjustments to changeover, downtime and CAPEX can deliver up to a 50% in total OEE improvements.


With smart planning and the right technology—you can unlock a leaner, more agile factory. Build up workforce and machine efficiency by:


  • Remotely monitoring equipment condition and status.
  • Delivering predictive alerts to front-line maintenance experts.
  • Analyzing operations in-depth, across multiple facilities.
  • Empowering and protecting employees with digital work instruction.

Find efficiency drains video

Customer Success Webcast Replay: Pactiv

Even for the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of food packaging and foodservice products—OEE was a huge area for improving operations and reducing unnecessary costs. In this webcast replay, Pactiv shares how Deloitte and PTC helped bring together people and processes using the IIoT and a connected manufacturing strategy.

eBook: Hidden Factory Efficiencies

E-book: Harness the IIoT to improve Asset Efficiency

This e-book identifies the biggest problem areas afflicting today’s manufacturers, and prescribes specific, technology-based solutions. Leading manufacturers are already using these solutions to make huge efficiency gains across their facilities worldwide—learn how you can too.

case study case study

Customer Success: Brembo Drives OEE Savings with Real-time Insights

Brembo is a global leader in braking systems. They are transforming their existing factory infrastructure with industrial connectivity and real-time visibility powered by the ThingWorx Industrial IoT Solutions Platform. Discover how Brembo is rolling out PTC solutions to put the brakes on scrap and unnecessary costs, while cruising towards OEE improvements across their North American factories.

Factory Insights as a Service

Introducing Factory Insights As a Service

PTC, Microsoft, and Rockwell Automation are accelerating digital manufacturing initiatives with a turn-key SaaS offering that covers high-value use cases for your business. Enable unprecedented time to value and accelerated impact at enterprise scale.

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