Closing the Industrial Skills Gap With Industrial AR

Discover how manufacturing and service leaders are using augmented reality solutions to close the skills gap, boost worker productivity, and transform operations.

Manufacturing and service companies are facing a looming skills crisis—but industrial AR can help.

Workers are retiring; operations and their customers span the globe; and products possess near-limitless potential for customization. It is against this backdrop that manufacturers and field service providers face mounting shortages of skilled labor. Worse still, traditional methods for training and upskilling workers are falling short.

To meet these growing challenges, manufacturers are turning to industrial augmented reality solutions. With the ability to overlay real-time information onto physical assets and environments—AR is quickly being adopted as the best option for replenishing skilled workforces.

Download your free copy of “Closing the Industrial Skills Gap with Augmented Reality” to discover:

  • Four reasons why skills shortages are more than a “retirement problem.”
  • Three main strategies used to preserve skilled resources.
  • Five ways that industrial AR is a proven game-changer.
  • Two customer examples of rapid, repeatable AR success.
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