Advancing the aerospace and defense industry

Today’s aerospace and defense leaders must work harder and faster than ever to meet the increasing demands of their missions, constituents, and markets. Evolving strategic priorities, a resurgence in defense spending, an emerging space race, and volatility in the global landscape amplify the challenge.

To keep up with market demands, new research suggests that an increase in digital thread investments within the A&D ecosystem is imminent.

As the leader in preparing aerospace and defense organizations for the convergence of the physical and digital worlds, PTC enables actionable intelligence to optimally design, manufacture, and sustain warfighter and industrial systems. We’re here to help drive digital transformation—and tomorrow’s product innovations—today.

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Strategic objectives and business goals for aerospace and defense

Digital transformation in the aerospace and defense industry has been underway for years, and COVID-19 is accelerating the trend. As aerospace and defense leaders look to deliver program excellence, improve equipment readiness, accelerate product development, and reduce costs across the value chain, digital solutions from PTC have unlocked opportunities for efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

Learn more about the outcomes we help our customers achieve below.

Instill Program Excellence
Improve Equipment Readiness
Accelerate Product Development
Lower Costs

Instill Program Excellence

Create an environment that emphasizes access to data over ownership to gain knowledge and insights. With PTC’s PLM solutions, you can Improve visibility and collaboration across teams and ask meaningful questions of prime and sub-contractors while driving efficiency.

Improve Equipment Readiness

Enhance uptime for naval assets, aircraft, and ground vehicles by improving field maintenance and service. With PTC’s augmented reality and spare parts management solutions, you can drive field service efficiency and reduce service costs.

Accelerate Product Development

Accelerate product development with product design optimization that improves efficiency along every step of a product’s lifecycle. See how with PTC’s solutions for generative design, simulation and analysis, and product lifecycle management.

Lower Costs

Improve efficiency and lower costs across the value chain, from increasing engineering productivity and saving design time, to reducing manufacturing costs, and optimizing field service with PTC solutions.

Meet the game-changers in aerospace and defense

Discover how your peers are using PTC solutions to capitalize on digital and physical convergence across the aerospace and defense sector in innovative ways.


    Real-World Results

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    We didn’t only achieve this vision of design anywhere, build anywhere, support anywhere. We also had a high degree of business intelligence. If we can do this, so can you ... Windchill is now the single source of truth for everybody ... It’s about having one global PLM system, with hard savings in the hundreds of millions of dollars."

    David B. Slader, Director, Enterprise PDM Raytheon

    industries-aerospace-defense-air-force-military-plane_1920x906 industries-aerospace-defense-air-force-military-plane_1920x906

    US Air Force sets a new standard of operational excellence with Servigistics

    The US Air Force manages one of the most complex and advanced service supply chains in the world, supporting weapons systems across 1,500 global locations. With cutting-edge capabilities and data science from Servigistics, the USAF supports more than 5,000 aircraft and 650,000 items with:

    • improved demand forecast accuracy
    • reduced planning workload
    • comprehensive supply planning with supportability
    • near real-time supply chain metrics
    • advanced logistics cost estimation
    • optimized aircraft availability by location


    Explore the PTC technologies helping solve critical business challenges in the A&D sector and enabling our customers to advance the pace of their own digital transformations.

    Product lifecycle management

    Product lifecycle management

    Achieve enterprise data traceability, security, and context across the value chain.

    Explore PLM solutions

    Industrial IoT

    Industrial IoT

    Unlock data-driven opportunities with connectivity that leads to action.

    Explore IIoT solutions

    Augmented reality

    Augmented reality

    Empower your frontline workers with critical information they need.

    Explore AR solutions

    Computer-aided design

    Computer-aided design

    Solve your unique product development challenges with robust on-prem and innovative SaaS CAD solutions.

    Explore CAD solutions

    Service parts management

    Service parts management

    Grow your after-sales service business and maximize customer uptime.

    Explore SPM solutions