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As the leader in preparing aerospace and defense organizations for the convergence of the digital and physical worlds, PTC enables actionable intelligence to optimally design, manufacture, and sustain warfighter and industrial systems.

The DoD's strategy for the coming decade seeks to meet a challenge that military leaders have never faced before in an era of emerging threats, both conventional and asymmetric. Realizing this vision will require manned and unmanned systems operating jointly, machine-assisted decision-making, additive manufacturing deployed in the battle space, and more. Within the private sector, today's A&D industry leaders will require exceptional foresight and powerful technologies to exceed program needs while setting the groundwork for continued wins. Augmented reality, the Internet of Things, and data of unprecedented volume and velocity will all play central roles in this transformation across stakeholders—in both government and industry.

This new reality yields brand new possibilities:

  • Could the DoD and industry learn how their sensored products are performing in the field?
  • Could product managers and government program offices analyze this information to better understand performance, quality, and use?
  • Could engineers use this data to explore why a product failed based on empirical data, user behavior, and environmental factors?
  • Could a wide range of roles throughout industry and government improve the way products are designed, manufactured, and serviced?


Today, the United States government works closely with PTC on priorities that range from managing acquisition programs and tracking how fleets are configured, to synchronizing maintenance with technology insertion and strategic planning—all within the supply-chain operations reference, or “SCOR,” framework. Here’s how we’re leading the charge: 

  • Optimizing Enterprise Supply Chain: The U.S. Air Force is using PTC's Service Parts Management solution to improve demand forecast accuracy and optimize aircraft availability for a fleet of 5,000 aircraft across 1,500 locations globally. The solution, delivered as a SaaS model in a DoD compliant environment, will enable a more efficient supply chain, as well as improve the inventory performance of its operations.
  • Accelerating Change Management: The U.S. Navy can now determine the cost and impact of an engineering change on a per-ship basis as well as across an entire, globally dispersed fleet of more than 100 ships—each of which is configured differently. This cut cycle time for change documents in half and accelerated transition time when a new contractor team was brought up to speed through automated workflows, tasks, and assignments.
  • Ensuring BOM Accuracy: The U.S. Army is standardizing product data across separate commands to improve lifecycle sustainment planning, fleet management, and workforce collaboration. This will enable an accurate bill of materials at the beginning of sustainment and maintain it throughout configuration changes.

What's your vision? PTC has the system-wide insight, proven technology, and hard-earned expertise to be government’s most effective partner for warfighter enablement.

PTC’s IoT and AR Solutions at MRO Americas 2018

From the exhibition floor at MRO Americas 2018, H. Brent Baker, Sr., VP, Worldwide Federal Aerospace and Defense at PTC, talks about the company's IoT and Augmented Reality products and demonstrates an AR innovation platform with potential industrial and training uses from the Harvard Business Review article written by PTC’s CEO Jim Hepplemann and Dr. Porter, Harvard Business School.


Since 1985, the most powerful firms in global A&D have partnered with PTC to establish and maintain a winning advantage. Here’s a look at the standard we set for advanced innovation, efficiency, growth, and more: 

  • Enabling Growth Through Acquisitions: A major global defense firm will save hundreds of millions of dollars per year by creating a single collaborative environment to integrate design, build, and support functions across more than 600 military programs—all against the backdrop of rapid growth through acquisitions.
  • Accelerating Innovation for a New Program: A major aircraft manufacturer—innovating with 3,000 customers in 152 countries—uses standardized PLM for digital continuity in engineering, production, and support across a new multi-billion-dollar aircraft program. This solution quickens the pace of innovation by allowing the addition of new product features designed to meet rapidly changing marketplace demand. 
  • Driving Enterprise-Level Cost Savings: A global airline accelerates its $2 billion corporate-wide cost reduction initiative by improving spare parts forecasting and planning for more than three million parts, across three distribution centers and 70 delivery locations.

What's your vision? PTC has the system-wide insight, proven technology and hard-earned expertise to be the most effective partner you can enlist in the continuing quest for competitive advantage.

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