Today’s aerospace and defense leaders must work harder and faster than ever to meet the increasing demands of their missions, constituents, and markets. Evolving strategic priorities, a resurgence in defense spending, an emerging space race, and volatility in the global landscape amplify the challenge.

As the leader in preparing aerospace and defense organizations for the convergence of the physical and digital worlds, PTC enables actionable intelligence to optimally design, manufacture, and sustain warfighter and industrial systems. We’re here to help drive digital transformation—and tomorrow’s product innovations—today.


Addressing the Ever Changing Needs of the Aerospace & Defense Industry


Recent AI Adoption in the U.S. Government

Is the U.S. government’s adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerating fast enough? Explore the history of AI strategy in the U.S. government, recommendations for future adoption, and a PTC perspective on how AI is invigorating the industrial software sector.

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Future of Product Development in FA&D Sector

Today’s Aerospace and Defense industries are at a cross road with constant changing and emerging technologies. The prospect of A&D sector readiness improvements and efficiency gains from emerging technologies like Digital Twin and AR is quickly shifting from theory to legitimate use cases and acquisition. Learn how you can quickly adapt to stay ahead of the curve in the industry.

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Vuforia augmented reality aerospace and defense hangar service

Total merger and acquisition transaction volume in federal aerospace and defense recently spiked to $72 billion/year according to PwC, and equity market performance of the sector is now outpacing the S&P 500. The market is betting that discounted future cash flows will be compelling enough to justify present valuations. How can aerospace and defense players reduce the risk of delivering on these promises? Will they ensure mission success to optimize product design, manufacture, operations, and sustainment?

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Discover how your peers are using PTC solutions to capitalize on digital and physical convergence across the aerospace and defense sector in innovative ways.

    "We didn’t only achieve this vision of design anywhere, build anywhere, support anywhere. We also had a high degree of business intelligence. If we can do this, so can you ... Windchill is now the single source of truth for everybody ... It’s about having one global PLM system, with hard savings in the hundreds of millions of dollars."
    David B. Slader, Director, Enterprise PDM Raytheon

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