Aerospace & Defense Complex Assets: The Service Supply Chain Challenge


Military, DoD OEM’s, Commercial Airlines, and MRO industries, all share very complex highly demanding supply chains both internally and externally with suppliers and customers. PTC solutions and services sit at the heart of The Physical and Digital convergence and revolutionize the delivery of highly specialized & sophisticated solutions to the supply chains they operationalize.

Environment is challenging and full of variability:

The ability to efficiently maintain a broad array of diverse assets and parts across multiple locations impacts the performance and ultimate success of fleet availability, system readiness, maintenance throughput, shop cycle times, and mission readiness. Current challenges include:

  • High failure rates
  • High unit costs
  • Long lead times
  • Multiple operating theatres, across the globe
  • Global network view, with theatre action ability
  • Supplier collaboration/contract/PBL management
  • Dynamic product configurations 

Such complex, multi-layered operational challenges require highly specialized software solutions. PTC’s Systems of Systems approach enables our customers to design, manufacture and service these assets “end to end” in their life cycle with the supply chain operations, create a set of inventory targets optimized to availability goals while driving fluid inventory networks, maximize utilization of repairable assets, and manage supply positions in the enterprise or by program.

Out-of-the Box: PTC Solutions Offer Immediate Value and Functional Fit

PTC capabilities include out of the box, end to end, Internet of Things capabilities to enable ‘connected’ design, manufacture and service.  This enables a Systems of Systems approach for deployment, proven with ‘significant past performance’ in the military based on the SCOR model, as well as many DoD OEMs, Airlines, and MRO’s supply chains.

For example, PTC’s SPM software solution synchronizes supply and demand with maintenance. This systems of systems approach leads to maximum readiness for all land, air, or sea-based assets.

DirectIndustry e-magazine Report: VR Takes to the Skies at Paris Air Show

AR/VR enabled maintenance has found a ready welcome in the aircraft industry. This video report includes a PTC demo on incorporating AR/VR use for improved supply chain management.

Leaders Rely on PTC FA&D Experience and Results

Leading airlines, defense agencies, DoD OEMs, and MROs use PTC solutions to harmonize inventory planning and optimize the Service Supply Chain. Consult with an Aerospace and Defense Supply Chain Expert.