Innovation begins with engineering

Getting high-quality products to market fast helps you delight your customers and stay ahead of the competition. At PTC, engineering transformation is in our DNA. We’ve been developing cutting-edge digital engineering solutions for over 30 years to help product teams bring more innovative, sustainable, and awe-inspiring products to market. It’s your innovation that inspires us. That’s why we’re continuously improving the technologies behind our leading software solutions—including how we deliver them to you. Our digital solutions transform how your teams design, produce, deliver, and service your products, so your business can stay on time and under budget.

Engineering transformation: Explore your power to create

Why digital engineering?

Digital engineering enables you to improve product designs, quality, and manufacturability, all while establishing the foundation for a digital thread that improves cross-functional collaboration by making authoritative product data accessible across the enterprise. Whether your company uses an engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, assemble-to-order or assemble-to-stock strategy—digital engineering provides the most efficient and cost-effective way to meet demand, drive collaborative design, and deliver continuous improvement for your physical products.

Unlock Your Digital Thread
Explore the business value of digital engineering
Digital engineering delivers enterprise-wide value by optimizing product development processes, enabling closed-loop engineering, and facilitating the creation of more sustainable products for a circular economy.
Design and develop products with a sustainability focus. Learn More
Create optimized designs based on engineering and operational requirements. Learn More
Develop a model-based definition of products across engineering, manufacturing, quality, and your supply base. Learn More
Utilize additive manufacturing to optimize and validate designs, then run a print check—all in one environment. Learn More
Provide full digital traceability to ensure everyone is using correct product data for development, analysis, manufacturing, and procurement. Learn More
Provide a continuous flow of accurate product data across the enterprise. Learn More
Engineering transformation case studies
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Bosch Learn how Bosch, a leading global supplier of diverse technology and services, is breaking down product complexity by sharing information using a model-based approach. View Case Study
Vestas Hear how Vestas, a wind energy solutions leader, leverages PLM to effectively design, manufacture, and service customized wind turbines for improved enterprise collaboration strategy. View Case Study
FreeWire Learn how FreeWire made the digital transformation to collaborate with product teams and suppliers to eliminate confusion, mistakes, and product launch delays. View Case Study
HY5 HY5 accelerated the development of a more affordable high-functioning prosthetic hand, addressing delays experienced when using a file-based PDM system with Onshape. View Case Study
Define and manage your products with PTC software From cloud-based platforms to scalable, enterprise-ready software with market-leading capabilities, our digital engineering solutions can cost-effectively address your specific business needs.
Our flagship 3D CAD software. Imagine, design, create, and innovate your most advanced products.
The leading CAD platform built for the cloud. Innovate at the speed of today’s business.
One comprehensive PLM system for your entire digital thread. Elevate your product development with a data-driven approach.
Native-cloud PLM and QMS that speeds new product development. Bring product, people, and process information into a single system.
An open application lifecycle management platform for incorporating sophisticated software systems into your products to meet strict requirements.
Accelerate engineering innovation with the power of Ansys

Discover how our partnership with Ansys helps product developers accelerate engineering innovation with a best-in-class simulation-driven design solution.

Learn More About Ansys