• PTC and Ansys

PTC and Ansys

PTC and ANSYS share a strategic vision aligned on helping organizations improve product design and streamline operations through the ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform and the democratization of simulation with Creo Simulation Live.
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Revolutionizing Design Simulation

Creo Simulation Live Powered by Ansys

Creo Simulation Live Powered by Ansys

ANSYS and PTC have partnered to accelerate product innovation by providing customers a best-in-class simulation-driven design solution. PTC has integrated ANSYS’ Discovery Live technology into Creo to develop Creo Simulation Live. Creo Simulation Live provides design engineers instantaneous static structural, thermal and modal simulation; disrupting the traditional, time intensive design process with instant-feedback through real-time simulation.

  • Catch problems 65% sooner
  • Produce 46% fewer prototypes
  • Develop 37% more innovative designs

Extend Service Optimization with our Digital Twin Offering

PTC and Ansys have developed a Digital Twin offering that combines expertise in simulation and IoT to extend Service Optimization solutions. The Simulation-Enhanced Digital Twin combines ThingWorx IoT data with ANSYS Twin Builder simulation to build a virtual replica that mirrors life and experience of a connected asset. Joint customers can use the Digital Twin to reduce operational cost through remote monitoring, improved diagnostics and predictive service while improving ROI by running assets at optimum performance. The solution is ideal for process-critical applications that operate in challenging environments. The Simulation-Enhanced Digital Twin is offered by PTC through select Channel Partners.


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