Onshape: Create, Innovate, Collaborate in the Cloud

The leading design platform built for the cloud, combining CAD and PDM with advanced collaboration and analytics capabilities, empowering you to innovate at the speed of today’s business.

Design agility powered by Onshape

Onshape is the first and only product development platform that delivers professional-grade CAD capabilities with integrated data management, powering more agile design processes at lower costs. With Onshape, you are now free to innovate while simultaneously collaborating with other stakeholders, without fear of design stalls, system crashes, or data losses. Ever.

Built natively for the cloud, Onshape untethers you from the limits of file-based CAD design processes, giving you the freedom to create on any device, anytime, anywhere.

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Benefits of Onshape over file-based CAD systems

Onshape-State-of-Product-V3-1x Onshape-State-of-Product-V3-1x

The State of Product Development and Hardware Design 2020

Explore the most urgent product development challenges facing today’s manufacturers and how new technologies, processes, and tools are driving innovation. Download the ebook today.

Onshape case studies

Discover how customers are transforming their design processes with Onshape’s CAD development platform.


Actronika leveraged Onshape’s built-in data management capabilities and mobile capabilities to eliminate version control issues that often arise from working with multiple partners on different CAD systems.

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Meter’s engineering team of fifty used Onshape to virtually collaborate in real time and design life-saving ventilators in 21 days in response to the COVID crisis.

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Premier Custom-Built Cabinetry migrated their product specs from 3-ring binders to 3D CAD models with Onshape, saving 50% to 75% in design time by eliminating repetitive tasks.

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Hy5 accelerated the development of a more affordable high-functioning prosthetic hand, addressing delays experienced when using a file-based PDM system with Onshape.

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