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Onshape’s cloud native product development platform delivers a more agile and collaborative experience with CAD, Simulation, built-in PDM and connected PLM

Agile product development powered by Onshape


Onshape is the first and only cloud-native product development platform that delivers professional-grade CAD capabilities with next-generation product data management (PDM), powering agile design processes at lower costs.

With Onshape, users can innovate quickly while simultaneously or asynchronously collaborating with other stakeholders on any web-connected device.

Without the limitations of a traditional file-based CAD check-in and check-out process, information can flow freely across your business keeping everyone in sync.

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Benefits of Onshape over file-based CAD systems

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate like you've never done before with the ability to work on the same design simultaneously with other stakeholders. Onshape delivers capabilities such as Follow Mode, Live Commenting, and Sharing, making it easy to collaborate and get your product to market faster.

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Built-in PDM

With Onshape, design engineers eliminate the hassle and costs associated with managing PDM version control. Users get a new generation of PDM built into the CAD platform, delivering flexible version control, such as: Branching and Merging, custom release workflows, and "forever-undo." Fearlessly explore and collaborate with a full design history that allows you to easily revert to previous iterations at any time. See Onshape Packages

Modern CAD and PDM at lower cost

Modern cloud-native CAD reduces the cost of ownership by providing real-time analytics, improved security, and built-in product data management. Onshape eliminates the need for expensive, dedicated workstations and servers, annual software upgrades and the time and expense of routine hardware and software maintenance.
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Onshape-Arena Connection


The Onshape-Arena Connection enables information to flow freely to-and-from product development teams without the administration issues and costs associated with traditional CAD/PLM software integrations.

A single button in Onshape refreshes Arena’s PLM to the latest version of the product design, helping more teams across your business reliably and securely stay in sync.

With 1-click, users can instantly navigate between Bills of Materials (BOM) in Arena PLM and full 3D assemblies in Onshape CAD without waiting for files to be checked in or out.

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Onshape Simulation


Onshape Simulation is enabling designers to make faster and better-informed decisions during the product development process.

Delivering a unified design environment with CAD, PDM, and simulation, only Onshape provides a fast, easy and interactive way for designers to get structural guidance as early and as often as needed.

No more pre-processing, de-featuring or meshing is required. In Onshape, your CAD model and simulation model are one and the same, so any updates at the sketch, part or assembly level automatically refresh your simulation results.

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Onshape Vision for Apple Vision Pro

The Onshape Vision app allows you to experience the power of CAD and PDM in the immersive world of spatial computing via Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro is a wearable device that seamlessly blends lifelike digital content with users’ real physical environments so you can explore your 3D CAD models with your hands, eyes, and voice. Onshape Vision and Apple Vision Pro enable you to:

  • Better understand fit and function so you can visualize products in context of where and how they will be used.
  • Get new perspectives of your products earlier in the product design process.
  • Have immersive design reviews with colleagues, seeing any changes made to your model update in real time.

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Onshape case studies

Discover how customers are transforming their design processes with Onshape’s CAD development platform.

premier-cabinetry-logo-margin - CS-Slider


Ocado Technology, a world-leading developer of robotics and automation for the online grocery industry, relies on cloud-native Onshape to accelerate and streamline its product design process.

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Hybrid smartwatch pioneer relies on cloud-native Onshape to streamline collaboration between its globally distributed design teams.

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Fully autonomous robotics developer relies on Onshape’s real-time data management to improve collaboration with its global design and manufacturing partners.

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Beta Technologies

Pioneering eVTOL aerospace company relies on cloud-native Onshape to accelerate their CAD design process.

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Global pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer relies on Onshape’s built-in version control to align its engineering teams in the United States and Indonesia

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Premier Custom-Built

Luxury furniture manufacturer uses Onshape’s custom CAD features to automate repetitive design tasks.

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Next generation mobile and broadband equipment built with cloud-native Onshape for real-time CAD collaboration between globally distributed R&D teams

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