ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps

Introducing ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps

Transform your results by giving your team members unprecedented capabilities to see, understand and act in real time. ThingWorx manufacturing apps accelerate your time-to-value and offer unmatched flexibility.

Built on PTC’s industry-leading IoT platform, ThingWorx, this set of role-based apps can be installed and configured in under an hour without impacting production. They are 100% web-enabled and accessible via any browser—providing you and your team members the ability to view, understand, and act on industrial data in real time

ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps:

  • Fast to deploy – install and configure in less than an hour.
  • Role based Intelligence - real-time, actionable access to operational information leads to proactive and faster decision making
  • Flexible to evolve – code-less app extensibility for rapid continuous innovation
  • Built on the ThingWorx Platform – the most proven, purpose built industrial IoT platform - delivering native industrial connectivity, rapid application development and ultimate flexibility, powered by a vibrant ecosystem.

ThingWorx Controls Advisor

Controls Engineer

Designed for the Controls Engineer, this app can be installed on existing hardware without impacting production. It provides seamless connectivity to OPC servers, enabling users to remotely monitor and troubleshoot machine connectivity with just a few clicks.

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ThingWorx Asset Advisor


Designed for the Maintenance Engineer, this app improves maintenance processes and production performance. It provides a real-time view into all assets’ statuses and alarms, enabling users to remotely monitor and detect anomalies to catch problems before they impact production.

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