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MOVE release v12.0 includes a number of new enhancements such as license plate validation, multi-DC environment, visualization of MOVE methods and much more.

Learn how to overcome today’s warehouse challenges

  • How to improve order accuracy and on-time rates
  • How to get the visibility you need in order to effectively manage your inventory
  • How a good warehouse management system will actually lower your costs and increase profits
  • How to get flexibility you need to expand your warehouse operations without adding large investments
  • How you can leverage reverse logistics to eliminate fraud and warranty claims

MOVE Warehouse Management System Capabilities

MOVE allows customers to optimize warehouse activities within the distribution center and extended network to maximize revenues


Flexibility and Expandability

Easy configuration and porting with fast UAT/QA verification and no downtime.

Executive and Operational Dashboards

Providing real-time updates and daily operational stutus from virtually anywhere.

Reverse Logistics 

Providing a real-time return of your products at your facility with the visual display of product and fraud watch capabilities.

Intelligent Apparel Management (IAM)

Providing capability of designing your outfit/attire using FlexPLM,  managing raw material, and finished goods from cutting the garment to sewing the finished goods.

Transform Your Warehouse Management

Working with a trusted partner and solution for the past two decades has provided us stability in an industry of change. PTC’s ability to keep up with growth and support evolving operational requirements helped us better manage resources and costs to meet rising demands. Expanding MOVE to our new facility will continue to help improve operational efficiencies across the company and we look forward to the next 20 years of success with PTC.

Shannon Freise, VP of Operations, Sager Electronics



Webinar | Warehouse Management Systems After the Pandemic

  • WMS and Reverse Logistics after the pandemic
  • eCommerce Challenges
  • Cable & Wire Challenges
  • MOVE v12 release - highlights in a nutshell

Tuesday, April 20th at 11:00am ET

We Recognize the Complexities of Today’s Warehouse Environments

Take the Next Step with MOVE

PTC’s MOVE solution allow customers to enable, coordinate and optimize warehouse activities within the four walls of the distribution center, and across the extended distribution network, resulting in streamlined fulfillment processes, compressed order-to-delivery cycles, reduced inventory carrying costs, and maximized revenues and profit per order.

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