Warehouse Management System (WMS) – PTC MOVE™


PTC MOVE Optimizes your Core Logistics Business by Automating the Entire Order Lifecycle

PTC MOVE Warehouse Management System (WMS) directs the flow of inventory and information across the entire distribution network.  It empowers fulfillment professionals with strategic control over operations and serves as the fulfillment engine for traditional and e-commerce enterprises. PTC MOVE addresses the need for real-time inventory information by providing a complete, end-to-end solution to manage the entire fulfillment cycle: from order inception to final delivery.

PTC MOVE 10.6 is Now Available for Download!

Industries Using PTC WMS Solution

High-Tech Electronics
Aerospace and Automotive
Retail and Consumer Products
Medical (Eye Care and Home Healthcare)
Oil and Gas
Third Party Logistics


Benefits of PTC MOVE Warehouse Management System

Maximize Revenue per Order
Increase order fill rates, cut lost sales due to out-of-stock situations, prevent costly returns and redelivery by providing accurate order delivery the first time. Reduce administrative costs associated with manual procedures such as paperwork, data capture and error correction.

Minimize Material and Labor Costs
Achieve greater inventory and shipment accuracy with source-level control via continuous cycle counting, distribution center optimization and real-time inventory management. Lower inventory carrying costs, increase warehouse productivity, and reduce expediting costs.

Improve Cycle Times
Speed inventory turns and improve warehouse space utilization using fulfillment processes such as batching and the elimination of idle picking time. Decrease material PTC MOVEment touch points and optimize workflow by using configurable mapping and business rules.

Personalize Customer Relations
Customize shipments for every customer and order combination, including unique delivery requirements such as compliance documentation and labeling, distinctive packaging, and the ability to configure/assemble/build-to-order. Provide value-added services such as kitting, integration, postponement, and merge-in-transit, as well as the preparation of floor-ready merchandise.

Increase On-Time Delivery Rates
Optimize put-away to fast-pick or primary locations, minimizing the need for replenishments. Reduce travel time and material handling with real-time, RF-directed tasks, task interleaving, and opportunistic fulfillment through receiving and cross-docking. Automate exception handling such as pick substitutions and partial picks.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction
Provide higher-quality service and improve customer retention with: real-time shipment tracking; accurate order picking; customer-specific products and services; accurate shipping information to invoicing systems; complete on-time delivery; and simplified returns.

Features of PTC MOVE Warehouse Management System

Inbound Logistics

Outbound Logistics

Inventory Control


ERP Interface


Global Implementations

United States
New Zealand