MOVE Warehouse Management System (WMS)

By automating the entire order lifecycle, MOVE directs the flow of inventory and information across the entire distribution network.

PTC Warehouse Management Solutions

Addresses the complexities of today’s warehouse environments through flexible solutions that support a wide range of operational requirements and distribution network configurations. Our successful implementations around the globe have helped market-leaders achieve competitive advantage through execution excellence.

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What’s new in PTC’s MOVE Warehouse Management System

This warehouse management software solution delivers new cross-application visibility through easily tailorable views using IoT connectivity features. 

PTC MOVE v11.0 has now released.

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MOVE Features and Benefits

MOVE directs the flow of inventory across the entire distribution network, empowering professionals with control over operations for traditional and e-commerce enterprises.
  • Maximize Revenue per Order: Increase order fill rates and prevent costly returns by providing accurate order delivery

  • Minimize Material and Labor Costs: Lower inventory carrying costs, increase warehouse productivity, and reduce expediting costs
  • Improve Cycle Times: Optimize your business’ workflow by using configurable mapping and business rules
  • Personalize Customer Relations: Customize shipments for every customer, including unique delivery requirements
  • Increase On-Time Delivery Rates: Optimize put-away to fast-pick or primary locations, minimizing the need for replenishments
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction: Provide higher-quality service with real-time shipment tracking, and accurate order picking

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Ask our specialists about the latest v11.0 enhancements; specifically, using an IoT platform such as PTC’s ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform.

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Enable, coordinate and optimize warehouse activities within the four walls of the distribution center.

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