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Today’s brands and retailers are faced with multiple market pressures, including the need for fast fashion and the ability to service digital consumers — all while keeping costs under control and having the expertise needed to manage complex supply chains with agility.

To overcome these business challenges and deliver products on-trend and on-time, brands and retailers need an innovation platform that leverages the latest game-changing technologies to improve the way they design, develop, source and sell products.

Augmented Reality Use Cases for Retail and Consumer Products

retail consumer sales

IoT-enabled product lifecycle management, machine learning, augmented reality—PTC's retail innovation platform combines these powerful technologies into a single connected platform to enable brands and retailers to design and develop products faster and better, overcome global supply chain complexities with end-to-end transparency, and deliver a connected store experience to improve consumer engagement. Vuforia augmented reality solutions are showing business value in the retail and consumer industry from innovating design to improving sales process and engaging customers.

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