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Digital disruption is driving industry challenges—and creating business opportunities across the value chain. Capitalize on digital transformation with PTC’s market-leading industry solutions.

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Aerospace & Defense

Keep up with evolving strategic priorities, increased defense spending, and the escalating space race. Discover how PTC industry solutions drive innovation across engineering, manufacturing, and service.


Deliver the future of transportation and mobility and gain competitive advantage. Explore automotive solutions for OEMs and suppliers so your team can help drive the future of transportation.

Electronics & High-Tech

Navigate supply chain disruption while maximizing revenue growth and sustainability. Explore how PTC’s digital solutions can accelerate product innovation, supply chain collaboration, and more.

Energy & Resources

Accelerate digital transformation to help you cut operating costs, increase asset efficiency, and ensure safety with PTC’s digital manufacturing solutions.

Industrial Machinery

Adapt to ever-changing customer demands and increasing cost and competitive pressure. Explore digital solutions for driving engineering excellence, manufacturing efficiency, product innovation, and service optimization.

Life Sciences

Drive innovation to excel amid increasing cost and regulatory pressure. See how digital solutions are helping biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device innovators.

Process Industries

Keep up with shifting customer demands, lower costs, and increase flexibility and agility with PTC’s digital manufacturing solutions that can help you accelerate digital transformation.

Retail & Consumer Products

Meet rapidly evolving consumer preferences while reducing operational costs. See how you can enable your team to reduce new product introduction time and improve how they design and sell products.

The State of Industrial Digital Transformation

Advance your ability to succeed in today’s rapidly shifting industrial landscape. Get our latest report with research and insights on the specific challenges of digital transformation in industrial markets and how PTC can help you reduce costs, maximize revenue, and gain a competitive advantage.

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Industry solutions customer success

See how PTC customers are leveraging industry solutions to accelerate digital transformation to maximize revenue growth, improve efficiency, and reduce operational costs.



Caterpillar kept mission-critical assets online to ensure safety in extreme environments by using PTC’s remote monitoring solutions to identify and prevent failures before they occurred. Read Their Story


Toyota increased workforce efficiency and security compliance by using PTC’s augmented reality solutions to enable secure communication between local team members and remote experts. Read Their Story


Airbus delivered a cutting-edge helicopter on-time and on-quality by using PTC’s product lifecycle management solutions to optimize their service supply chain and inventory spend. Read Their Story


Sysmex achieved competitive advantage with PTC’s connected product solutions that turn product data into value-added services. Read Their Story

CNB Yachts

CNB Yachts transformed an idea into production 6 months faster than the previous generationby using PTC’s CAD solution to ensure confidence in high-quality design data and keep manufacturing cycle times and costs low. Read Their Story


CIMC reduced unplanned downtime by 30% by using PTC’s industrial IoT solutions to deliver operational insights and accelerate smart factory transformation. Read Their Story


Carlsberg improved OEE without disrupting operations with PTC’s digital manufacturing solutions that track and monitor equipment performance. Read Their Story