Business goals for energy and resources

The energy industry is facing tremendous pressure to meet minimize costs and maximize asset efficiency, all while ensuring health and safety.

PTC’s approach to digital transformation can help the energy industry to identifying top value drivers and use cases to unlock double digit financial impact for costs and revenue while improving safety.

Increase Asset Efficiency
Lower Overhead Costs
Improve Safety

Increase Asset Efficiency

Increase asset utilization by reducing costly unplanned downtime with smarter asset management.

Lower Overhead Costs

Lower energy and operational costs with real-time visibility into production performance.

Improve Safety

Reduce the risk of injuries and lost time incidents using procedural guidance and compliance checkpoints to ensure safety.

Real-world energy industry results

Explore how PTC’s solutions for energy and resources companies are helping businesses reach their business goals.

Leading US E&P Company

A leading US E&P company unlocked operational efficiencies with the ability to predict equipment failures before they caused downtime.

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YPF maximized production by reducing unplanned downtime and safety risks with improved communication and data connectivity.

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Caterpillar ensured equipment uptime for critical mining equipment with remote monitoring solutions.

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Energy industry technologies


Industrial IoT

Optimize production performance to reduce operational costs and improve asset efficiency with real-time visibility, predictive maintenance, and asset monitoring solutions.


Augmented Reality

Empower your teams to improve safety and drive productivity with augmented work instructions and real-time insights.

Solutions from PTC and Rockwell Automation

PTC and Rockwell Automation have partnered to bring a combined solution to the energy industry to help companies reduce costs, maximize revenue, increase asset efficiency, and improve safety.