Continuous Innovation in Field Service: Recent ServiceMax Enhancements

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At PTC, we believe in fostering a culture of continuous innovation, driven by a deep understanding of customer needs. In reflection of that vision, we're excited to unveil a series of significant enhancements across our entire ServiceMax product portfolio. These strategic improvements reflect our commitment to providing industry-leading solutions for field service and address the valuable feedback we've received from our customers.

In the following sections, we will provide a detailed breakdown of these enhancements and how they can empower your field service operations to digitally transform day-to-day operations, delivering a more intuitive, streamlined, and accelerated working experience.

Read on to learn more about ServiceMax’s newest enhancements.

ServiceMax Core 24R1: Mobile enhancements and ServiceMax AI

This release focuses on streamlining workflows and improving the overall user experience. We've incorporated your valuable feedback and implemented changes to make ServiceMax Core, Service Board, DataGuide, and ServiceMax Go even more efficient and user-friendly.

ServiceMax Go, our mobile field service app, receives a significant boost in functionality with this release. Technicians can now leverage barcode scanning for faster equipment identification, streamlining workflows and reducing errors. Improved timesheet management empowers them to more accurately track their work hours. Additionally, the update simplifies pricing and discount calculations, allowing technicians to provide on-site quotes with greater efficiency. Alert management enhancements ensure technicians stay informed and can prioritize tasks effectively.

Service Board, a powerful scheduling and optimization tool, gains valuable new capabilities in this release. Users can now import project plans from third-party applications for use as templates within ServiceMax, streamlining the planning process for complex projects. Additionally, the ability to schedule multi-day technician routes (from 1 to 7 days) offers greater flexibility and control over resource allocation, ensuring efficient utilization of your field service team.

DataGuide, our tool for creating and deploying advanced forms and checklists, expands its language support in this update. Polish, Czech, Indonesian, Slovak, and right-to-left languages like Hebrew and Arabic are now supported, catering to a wider global audience. Enhanced flexibility allows for easier embedding of forms within workflows and better customization of PDF report templates. These improvements empower users to design data capture solutions that seamlessly integrate with their existing processes.

And lastly, following the December release of ServiceMax AI in Core 23R3, we're excited to announce further advancements in our closed beta program. This update introduces improvements to ServiceMax Copilot, a generative AI chat interface designed specifically for field service needs. Copilot offers enhanced functionality in areas like assisted troubleshooting, work and schedule management, knowledge capture and access, and pre-job insights, empowering technicians with intelligent decision-making support.

Core 24R1 was released April 5, 2024. To learn more about the Core 24R1 release, read the release notes for ServiceMax Go and DataGuide for a detailed breakdown.

ServiceMax Asset 360 24R1: Empowering mobile workforces with IoT data and functionality

The first release of the new year brings new enhancements to Asset 360 for Salesforce Field Service. This release includes advancements in leveraging IoT and technical attributes beyond conditions-based maintenance, the introduction of new components on the SFS mobile app, and a range of additional functionalities.

This update prioritizes mobile-first service by introducing new capabilities within the Salesforce Field Service mobile app. Service Process Managers (SPMs) and Wizards are now available on the SFS mobile app, and users can update hierarchies, capture and view technical attributes, and streamline workflows while on-site. Mobile tools are a cornerstone of modern field service, and Asset 360 allows teams to work smarter, faster, and with richer data insights.

Lastly, Product Service Campaigns now leverage technical attributes for comprehensive searches across the entire installed base. This functionality, applicable to both manually captured and IoT-integrated data, empowers users to target specific equipment for crucial actions like change orders, recalls, and preventive maintenance campaigns. This deeper data visibility allows for more targeted service interventions and preventive maintenance strategies.

Asset 360 24R1 was release March 11, 2024. To learn more about the Asset 360 24R1 release, read the release notes for a detailed breakdown, or watch the Design Time Spotlight recordings on bringing asset-centricity to Salesforce Field Service mobile and IoT-readiness for the installed base, where product managers share key components of Asset 360 and highlight newly released features.

ServiceMax FieldFX 24R1: Enhanced efficiency for Oil & Gas field service

FieldFX, our field service management solution for the Oil & Gas industry, receives a significant boost in functionality with the 24R1 update. This release includes key improvements designed to streamline workflows and empower your teams.

ServiceMax DataGuide is now available for both mobile and back-office teams. This powerful tool allows for the creation and deployment of advanced forms and checklists. DataGuide streamlines data capture for critical tasks like inspections, maintenance procedures, and safety protocols, ensuring accurate and consistent data collection across your operations.

The Schedule & Dispatch module in FieldFX receives an update in this release with new filtering options. Users can now leverage both AND and OR filters when searching for specific jobs, allowing for a more granular level of control over scheduling and dispatch decisions.

The FieldFX 24R1 release prioritizes user experience by introducing customizable grid views and personalized filters, empowering individual team members to tailor their workspace to their specific needs. By having quick access to the information they use most frequently, users can navigate tasks and access relevant data with greater speed and ease. These improvements contribute to a more streamlined workflow and ultimately, increased productivity for your field service team.

FieldFX 24R1 was released April 8, 2024. To learn more about the FieldFX 24R1 release, visit the release notes for more details.

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